Do I trust my body or the cbfm???!!!

Hi all, Im on cd14 and last night I had slight af type pain in my side.
I have a lot of ewcm today and the pain in my side now and again.
I only ever have one day of ewcm before and that was on day 14 last cycle but I
don't know what day I ov last month because I wasn't trying due to a op so didn't
use opks.
I used to have my positive opk on cd 17, although the last two cycles have become shorter from
32 days to 28ish and my lp long from 9 days to 13.

Grrr it's so confusing!!!!

I'm on my third high on cbfm today

So the question is am I due to ov today or do I need to wait for the peak on cbfm?


  • Please help, if I get bfp this month my edd is Xmas day!!!!
    I'm desprete for an Xmas pud!!!! Xxxxx
  • hey,

    I'm same as you - i'm cd14 and been havin ov pains - about to do a cbd ov test now but i'd say go with both, BD today (listening to your body) and keep going with CBFM and see what happens tomorrow etc.. (both ways you will have covered your bases)?
    Sorry I cant be of more help image
  • I agree, just keep BDing until you see that peak!
  • If it works out this month as bd on cd10, cd13,cd14,cd15,cd 16 and cd18 we have to catch that egg right?

    I will be walking like john Wayne but a Xmas bubba would be worth it!
  • I may need to spike hubbu with some horny goat weed or something! He hates shagging on demand! Mind you if arsenal win the footy it may cheer him up! Haha
  • ha ha i love it! well im due to ov any time this month but dont trust the OPK's so weve been BD every other day all month and everyday this week! hubby feels like all his xmas's have come at once lol! if it happened this month for us our EDD would be 27th! not far from you xxx
  • Wish my hubby had your hubbys libedo!!
    Sarah, I think we will have our Xmas bubbas!!
    PMA! When you gonna test? Xx
  • im gonna try leave it till about the 20th! what about you??
  • 19th, although I will pobably test earlier then cry over bfn!!

    I have got some instead softcups to use but have had the guts yet, manages to get one half way in then wimped out!!! Have you ever used them? Xx
  • no i havent got a clue what they are!?

    Im detirmined not to test early, we will have to motivate each other!
  • do you mean mooncups??

    lol @ shagging on demand!!!

  • Yeah moon cups are similer except softcups are one use disposable and sit higher up. I got It halfway in an paniced!
  • sending you loads of sticky baby dust for you Xmas pudding!
  • Thanks Hun! Same to you xx
  • we're trying to do it every other day this month too and every night from tonight till like thurs - hoping that i'll ov tomorrow/monday..... fingers crossed we'll all get an xmas pud image
  • G/C From all of my TTC research and using the CBFM I always got EWCM a few days before OV and read somewhere that this is to help the sperm survive inside you and make its way to the egg.

    The month I got my BFP we BD on CD15 which was a low and CD17 which was my first peak!

    Good luck xx
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