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ot: Things Kids say that make us laugh

Hay all my son said something so funny yesterday that i have to share
Have you sons, daughters, neices or nephiews(sp) ever said anything silly that made you laugh for days??

Yesterday my son(he is almost 3) was playing in his room with his friend(a girl) and he come's running in and says '' mummy i don't want to play with pussy '' So i reply with pardon
''Mummy she wants me to play with the pussy and i dont want to i want to play cars'' i am almost on the floor laughing and i go in the bedroom to see her holding all the cat toys lol
This made me laugh so much.

We were at mil's house the other week and she was in the loo and my son goes walkingin and ask's if there is hair on her mini mo mar coz she is so old

We were out with my sil and she had to go loo my son also needed to go so she took him and while she was pulling up her knickers he ask's her why her belly goes down so low and is so big - this was in a public toilet so plenty of people are about.

Thought this might pick up the day. xxxx gems xxxx :lol:


  • lol they always say they always choose the wrong times dont they. since my lo has potty trained she has to come to the loo with me whenever we out, first she will shout "i hear pee pees"coz thats what we say to her and then when i satnd up to pull up my trouser she will shout in a great big voice "clever girl mummy".lol

    But they do keep you entertained. at the moment my lo keeps telling everyone she is getting a new brother. She doesnt know we are trying but its not great when your trying to keep ttc a secret.xx
  • my son keeps telling everyone he wants a sister lol He doent know were ttc either.
    We had friends round the other day and They asked what he would like for his birthday (its next month) he asked if he could have a sister for his birthday lol
  • lol. they really are amusing. i just love it when she says things randomly. the worst is trying to keep a straight face when she shout back at me when i give her into
  • My little boy is 2 and a couple of months and he's really into Peppa Pig at the moment. Which wasn't a problem until he started calling me Mummy Pig... all the time... in public :lol:

    Smiles aka "Mummy Pig"
  • My daughter is currently fond of telling everyone that "Mummy's boobies BIG!". Ta. Also, any time her dad goes anywhere, she loudly announces, "Daddy go for a BIG POO!!". Tres amusing when in Pizza Hut!
  • My son thinks its really funny to expose my boobies.

    My friends dd is potty training she was in the bathrrom with her mum (her mum went poo) She came out the bathroom shouting and claping telling us all how clever mummy was that she went poo and wiped her own bumbum
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