Chemical Preg last month - can it affect AF this month?

Hi Girly girls,

Not sure if anyone will know the answer but if you don't ask you don't know right?

Well, I had a chemical pregnancy last month, i'd have been around 4weeks. I have a 32/33day cycle and tested day before AF getting a BFP followed by AF 2 days later....was gutted but moved on!

So i'm now 3 days late this month and wondering if my AF and cyle could be blown by the chempregnancy last month?

I haven't a clue if i've ovulated this month as I got positive twice on OPKs 4 days apart so god knows whats going on there.

Not testing as too scared to see a BFP again for it to possibly result to AF once again!

Not had any symptons and don't feel any different. So I am thinking the emc affected my system?

Anyone else with similar experiences?

PP84 x


  • Last August I had a chem pg (was about 5 weeks). I got first BFP on 2nd August, MC'd on 5th August and got a BFP again on 11th September. So for me, my cycles weren't that affected. You're meant to be very fertile after a MC so I would say that maybe you're pg again?x
  • Hiya sweetheart!
    How are you?? I'm so sorry to hear about your chemical pregnancy. I'm not sure if it will affect your next af, i shouldn't think so but i just wanted to pop by and say hello!! And fingers crossed for your bfp soon!! xxxx
  • MRS TIL!! where the devil have you been hiding!?!?!
    hang on - there's a thread already open for you - will hassle u there instead!

    Thanks Gemsie, i don't feel pregnant so not getting hopes up!...xxxx
  • Hay i had early mc in june and by Aug i had another BFP ended in mc but it didnt mess me up i OV at the same time and i Came on at the same time to xx

    gembags xx
  • hhhm - pants then. Guess it's just a waiting game to see if AF is going to materialise or not.

    Thanks girls

  • OR your going to get a sticky BFP!!! Wooo hope you do my huni! xxx
  • I vote for sticky BFP too!!! I have everything crossed!!!.x.
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