First 'real' AF after stopping pill

Afternoon ladies,

Hope you can help. I stopped taking the pill in September, had my withdrawal bleed then nothing for 56 days. Last Wednesday AF (or so I though) arrived, it felt really weird though, I wasn't bloated, had no pain at all (very strange as usually I am Nurofen - ed up for the five days!) and it stopped completely after two days.

Has anyone else experienced this?? Is this normal since my cycles are just getting back to normal after 10 years on the pill?

Thanks girls

E x


  • hi hun, i'm not sure if this will help, i stopped pill in september too, had first proper AF, but it was very light and not like my usual periods when on the pill, i only bled for 3 days and then it went? however, AF has arrived month 2 and i got spots, painful (.) (.) bloating which i never have normally!! i guess after such a long time on the pill, bodies may take a while to get back to normal? i would in your case just in case do a pg test as its always a possibility, just so you know where you are. i have read on here vit b6 is meant to be good for regulating everything so i am going to give that a whirl, but if you havn't already tested , i would to rule out pg, take care xxxx
  • While I was on the pill, I used to have a medium/light flow for 5 or 6 days. After coming off the pill, after 20 years, my periods were very different. Most of the time I was heavy for a day then light for a day, occasionally with some spotting for another day, so all in all they were over in 2 or 3 days!

    Hope this helps xx
  • Thanks girls - I suppose its normal that AF will be all over the shop after 10 years of being chemically controlled and good to know that I am not the only one with a random body :lol:

    Will just keep a note of it and see what happen next month. Can I still count the first day as CD1 do you think? Just wish I had a better idea of where I was at with my cycle but suppose it's still early days.

    Thanks again

    E x
  • Yes, I'd say first day of bleeding is CD1. Really hope your cycles return to normal soon, take care xx
  • Hi RubyShoes,
    I had my first AF 36 days after stopping my pill at the end of Sept 09. I too was on it for 10 years. My af was different too, although still had sore boobs and tummy cramps. It only lasted 4 days and I'm now on CD11, so goodness knows when the next one will show up!
    What CD are you?
  • Thanks Lawso and Donnat2004 - I hope so too!!

    I am now CD5 - so do you reckon in about a week just to go for it?? I haven't bothered to buy a fertility monitor yet because I wanted to wait for my cycles to settle down, I am just getting a bit sick AND impatient now!

    E x
  • Hi RubyShoes, yes, I would start BD'ing from next week onwards. Me and the OH are BD'ing every other day just because I, like you, don't know my cycle lengths. This way it covers us and there's always little swimmers about! xx
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