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af not arrived

af didn't turn up yesterday, did a mega chapy 25miu test and was neg however it was at 6.30 in the afternoon after drinking a bottle of water...duh!! felt really nauseas too, had to eat something to make it go away so i ended up snacking all day!! went quite dizzy too and short of breath.

alas, still no af this morning, still mega crampage down below and still back ache. no nausea yet but yesterday it didn't start till afternoon time.

surely my cycles can't get LONGER every month??? been off conrtraception since december now and over the months 10 days have been added to my cycle length. i thoughht a 39 day cycle was bad enough!! now on cd40!!!

boooo image


  • Lets hope it is a bfp for you.
    Lots of baby dust
  • I agree with emzyv.... It isn't over til the witch arrives....

    Fingers crossed. xxx
  • oooh fingers crossed for you hun xxx
  • No af = still hope! Have some pma and dont give up! xx
  • Sounding hopeful - I hope it's not just your cycle playing up, but in answer to your question they can get longer again once you think they've evened out - mine did and it was very frustrating :evil:

    When are you going to test again?
  • if it's still a no-show, gonna test on tuesday morning. my cycle best not be getting longer!! haha!!

    how are you anyway ptb?? x
  • I'm well, thanks! 13+4 today, though with all the losses on the Dec forum, particularly mmcs, I don't feel out of the woods yet. I can't imagine how those poor ladies must be feeling. My scan is in 3 days and I'm terrified.

    Thought you'd had a change of circumstance and weren't ttc, odd_sock? - obviously had another one, yay! Good luck!
  • good luck hun and fingers crossed for a bfp soon
    Filo x
  • hahha, yeah. stuff changed again and the "break"of ttc showed us that we would really love a lo!!! still trying to take it easy though, no ov sticks or temp charting, just chilling out and having lots of sexy time hahahha!!! aw, 13 weeks! good stuff!! let me know how your scan goes hun x
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