Ovulating....I think???

What a busy week I have had at work hence the lack of posts on here (doing a quick post before going back to my pile of work). I put all my details into my monthly cycle so it would work out when I was fertile ect and when I would be ovulating. Baring in mind this is definitely not going to be accurate due to me just finishing my pill 29/4 these were the dates:

14th May - Fertile
15th May - More Fertile
16th May - Most Fertile
17th May - Most Fertile
18th May - Ovulating
31st May - AF

Now on the 18th May and 19th May I used a cheap ovulating stick that I got from eBay and I wasn't ovulating. So I guessed that I was just going to be irregular and have really long cycles again. Now today I am really crampy and in pain. Could this be a sign of ovulating? If that is the case then I am three days behind what my monthly cycle predicted... I am just curious. I said I wouldn't get technical and I am being relaxed about it but this cramp is bugging me and it makes my IBS worse :\(

In my position when would you do a pregnancy test? xx



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