Too fat to get pregnant?

I have been trying to get pregnant since Jan 2007; unsuccessfully. I've been to see doctors but was told they weren't willing to help me until I'd lost some weight, at least 3-5 stone. Can they really treat people like this or is it just another excuse for the NHS to save money?

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  • so sorry to hear that you have been treated like that but IVF and things like that are only available if you are not too overweight.
    if you don't mind me asking: what is your weight? Am overweight myself.
    My doc actually refused to give me new prescription for pill saying"you are so big that you can't get pg anyway" well, I started TTC then image
    Also started loosing weight because I want to for LO

    Don't give up hun.
  • I'm 18st but have been trying to lose weight. Didn't even put on over Christmas! lol
  • Yes i see the dietician at the hospital and have been taking orlistat to help out. I had to have an operation last week so am off them at the moment but will be back on them again soon. I was over 20 stone so I have lost some. It's just so frustrating! I guess your resolution was to lose weight too! lol.
  • Hi,
    Someone I know has recently been told the same. Whilst I don't think it's fair, I also can see why (health reasons).

    As someone who had a lo when overweight, I would advise anyone to try and lose weight before they got pregnant as it makes pregnancy a hundred times harder than it already is.

    I also know it's easier said than done so please don't think I'm patronising. I've lost 5 1/2 stone since having my lo (over 5 yrs) so it can be done. No magic tricks, to be honest I don't even 'exercise'. The biggest thing for me was cutting down my portion sizes, changing how I cooked things (ie grill, poach etc), cutting down on bread and building more exercise into my everyday life.

    Have you been to the Dr's about your weight to make sure there are no underlying health issues as to why you are overweight?

    Please don't take my post the wrong way - it's hard to 'say' some things on here without coming across as being offensive x
  • Sorry our posts crossed, it looks like you're already doing well with the weight loss x
  • I don't take offence, don't worry about that. I should have also mentioned that in the last 6 months I have been diagnosed with PCOS.
  • Have you had a look in the PCOS forum?
    I've just had a quick squizz in there and there may be other ladies in the same position as you that will know more x
  • I have to say that is harsh but probably fair from docs, although certanly doesn't feel it ( and yes i'm overweight too so know how you feel).

    We had our 1st baby by a lucky suprise last year and I was around 18.5stone when i conceived him (around size 18) so not impossible!!

    We're thinking about trying for no.2 this year and as i've actually gained weight post pregnancy too, the 1st half of this year is targetting losing weight then second half TTC!!

    I have to add apart from the health and medical reasons these are other reasons i think it'd be better to be less overweight and pregnant (my opinion not facts!):
    - maternity clothes easier to find (& bras)
    - maternity jeans might stay up
    - might have a proper bump to show off rather than even more rounded belly!
    - Clearer Scan pictures

    Good Luck and keep up the weight loss, who knows we might be weightloss and bump buddies eventually!
  • I got told the same but i have an underactive thyroid so although i can lose weight it is a LOT harder than a "normal" person trying to lose weight. But then you see all these "fat" people out there who get pregnant. I got told the reason i had to lose weight was because if i had unexplained infertility then certain things i couldnt have done at the weight i am at. Whether that is true or not i do not know. Have you posted in LTTTC and asked them what they think???

    I do not think been "fat" makes a difference to your fertility as a friend of mine is huge (sorry) and she has been pregnant twice, it is just what the docs say. You have to be skinny for everything these days!!! xx
  • Hay hun, I have been ttc with no luck for 17 months this month i am on a diet as i am starting to think its not helping as my weight was 17.4 i have been on a diet for a week and this week i am 16.10 image i lost 8lb thats how much i want a baby.
    When i had my son i had done weight watchers and lots 2 stone and i got preg 1 month i was about 14st at the time.
    I really hope weight isnt stopping me get preg but i am starting to feel like it is image
    If heather of enders can do it us larger ladys will have no probs xxxxxxxxxx :lol: xxxxxxxxxx

    My besf friend is ttc at the min and if her weight goes over 16/17 st she doesnt even have AF.

    Really hoping you get your BFP very soon.

    gem xxx
  • Shuck,

    I had the same problem, nurse refused me pill, I was 12st 12 (put a couple of pound on recently). I had just ran great north run and she told me I was obese. This has made me worry about falling pregnant at 13st so I am back on track and planning my month as we speak. Nice tasty healthy food and hopefully by March I'll be a stone lighter. (thats when we want to ttc properly).

    Good luck everyone who is trying to lose, it's good that we have each other to help each others bad days. xxx

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  • Sorry Trixy- i honestly can not believe that. Your BMI should have shown you werent 'heavy'. I am totally shocked.

  • Thanks ladies, it's nice to know I'm not alone in this!
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