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AF nearly here - feeling sad

Hi everyone

Well month 7 of TTC but used no protection since August 2006 and I am just about to have AF. Have had really bad cramps and sore boobs the last few days and last night (day 25) I have started spotting. Unfortunately whilst I would love to think this is implantation bleeding - I know from the way I feel its the beginning of AF. So my usual 32 day cycle has gone down to 24 days and by the time AF is in full swing (tommorrow - trust me) i will be on day 27.In fact I would have had 2 periods in one month in principle (1st on 4 November and 2nd starting now).

Feel really peeved about it all. I just feel my time will never come. I really thought I would have a baby by my 32nd birthday (next Oct) but unless it happens in month 8 - that wont be the case. I will also be married 2 years in September 2008 and everyone just keeps on about us having a baby and that we arent getting any younger. Just feel like screaming and saying I am bloody trying as hard as I can!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyway sorry to moan.

Mrs WBxxxxxxxxxxx


  • I have used ovulation sticks - positive day 17 - but I just know that I am not pregnant and AF will be here tommorrow.

    Mrs WBxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Oh hunny, hope ur ok, i agree with the girls tho, could be early pg symtoms, dont write yourself off yet

    kim xxx
  • Hey chick! Keep your chin up. Im feeling the same. Hopeful that my symptons are implantation but fearful they are AF. One of close mates had a baby yesterday and is on her way home from hospital as we speak which kinda rubs salt in the wound but I refuse to let everything get to me. I want a baby so much and will keep going till I get one! In the meantime Ill enjoy having hubby all to myslef and make most of all this Bady dancing! Keep smiling and your dreams will come true! Corny I know but the only way to live!
  • it maybe early pregnancy signs honey, try not to get down it'll happen. lots of hugs & babydust. xxxxxx
  • If you ov'd about 8-9 days ago , then it might not be AF to be honest, it might be implantation bleeding. Usually AF happens 10-16 days after ovulation. And if your usual cycle is 32 days I would wait till tomorrow and see what happens.
    You might just have hit the jackpot we shouldn't count it out too soon
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