Do you think I'm in with a chance this month?

I'm about 10DPO and have so many symptoms such as very sore and heavy (.)(.), tired, thirsty, moody, emotional, vivid dreams, bloated, hungry etc. However, I also have really bad lower back and tummy cramps which I always get just after OV right until AF arrives. Last night they actually woke me up they were so bad. I feel like AF is on the way. Did anyone else get this and get BFP? I have a little boy and had a mc in Nov so I should remember but you forget from one month to the next somehow don't you!


  • hi emma it sounds like the symptoms of early preg but it mite just be your hormones good luck though x
  • My friend has just got her BFP and she had AF type cramps for days before her BFP and days after so I think it does happen! xx
  • Hi chick, looking good when you gonna test?

    Keep us updated xx
  • Pg symptoms and af symptoms are so similar. So yeah there is a good possibility that you might get your bfp this month, a lot of people say they feel as though af is coming before they get there bfp for me it was the opposite though, i didnt get one pg symptom until i was 6 weeks when i concieved my dd x
  • Thanks for your replies. I think I'm going to be good and only test next Thursday if AF doesn't arrive before then. I will be a week late then. I don't want to test early and be disappointed as due to my mc in Nov I can't stand any more disappointments at the moment!
  • hi emma im feeling exactly the same heavy sore boobs hungry tired and also thinking this could b it i should find out next tuesday ive felt like this for a week now fingers crossed for you and me keep me posted xx sarah
  • Just an update that I'm back to CD1 today - boo! I'm really deflated as really thought we may have done it this month and I've heard you are more fertile for a few months after mc so got my hopes right up. I also have so many friends who are pregnant now. Reckon my next OV will be around Valentine's Day though so maybe a good omen!
  • Ahh I hope so EmmaA.
    Good luck for a February/March bfp!! x
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