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Implantation bleeding or AF?!?!?!

Hey girls,

I ave a serious problem.....please can i have some advice?

My AF is due roughly on the 5th sept (although not reg cycles) and my ov day was roughly 22nd aug.
Now yest i started with light brownish discharge and same today, Making it 9 days after OV.
Now i'm confused, if this an week early AF or implantation bleeding?
When AF arrives, i normally eat more, get a upset tummy (sorry tmi) and get a very swollen abdomen. none of these have happened yet.
This time i have a pulled muscle feeling in my right ovary area only for a few times today on and off (although i do go to the gym, so it's possible i have pulled something, last went on friday aft), i dont have a upset tummy, i dont feel i need food or chocolate etc and i defo dont have a swollen abdomen.

None of my other AF's have ever started this way....but a few have finished this way with the same type of discharge.

I think it might be AF only coz i dont wanna cling to the last bits of hope that we did it this month. But what do you think?

I cant test because a website said at if implantation bleeding then it will show neg only untill 2-3 days after bleeding finished.

Anyone else had this?

Thankyou for any help in my moments of hope.


P.s also, i had a tarot reading and she said a baby will arive in june and the 21st of a month is important regarding a baby, so if we conceived on the 21st aug that means i could be 41-42 weeks in june OR if baby was born on 21st june then i would need to conceive about the 14th sept, meaning AF would need to arrive earlier than planned. (hubby said this tarot stuff is rubbish, but gives me hope)


  • Hey sweetheart!
    I'm in the same boat as you!
    It happened to me last month bang on 8dpo and continued to my period and this month i was 8dpo and spotted so i'm holding out hope it's impantation!!
    I have heard a lot of women say they have had it.
    Is your AF's quite regular?
  • Sounds very much like imp bleeding hun. Also it's at around the right time for impl bleding too. Good luck xxx
  • My cycles have never been regular, been on the pill for 8 years with a one year break in 2007-08 TTC with no luck and went back on it to get married in june 09. So now ttc again now were married, hoping it was just karma not wanting us to have a baby without been wed! (I'm very superstious) image

    If it is AF i need my body to tell me coz does that mean am counting CD again or not! arrrgghhh

    Wat are you going to do Mrs TIL? when are you due a visit from AF?
  • Yes CD1 is the first day of AF and you keep going until next AF which becomes CD1 again. There is another count you may of seen and this is DPO (days past ovulation). You can start counting this after you have ovulated but this is as well as CD count so you know where you are up to.
  • lilly bug,
    What i mean is if i dont know if this is AF or not then i dont know if to start counting or it the start of my new cycle or is it implantation bleeding.

    If i stop spotting and have no real AF and a BFN then was this AF or not? I have no idea.

    I relay on CD counting... to much. Hate not knowing what days am on. image.

    Really dont think it's my month again image
  • Oh sorry - you knew all that already lol. I had this problem wasn't sure if as soon as you see spotting to count it as CD1 or not. I did a bit of reading and the general opinion is that CD1 starts when you see proper red blood rather than spotting. I wasn'y convinced with this cos I often have spotting for the first two days.
  • I think i will go with that then, CD1 is real blood.
    Thanks lillybug.

    Makes me think why isnt it just simple to be a girl! lol

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