Test list for June

Sevans - 1st June
Babymonkey75 - 1st June
Beckyboop - 1st June
deputy gibbon - 1st June
chocolatecake - 2nd June
mobile - 2nd June
Mrs Calopa - 2nd June
Twizzlepie - 2nd June
lolak - 3rd June
winnie1981 - 4th June
lucille - 4th June
Taffygirl - 5th June
EM1983 - 6th June
gem1 - 6th June
MrsRich - 6th June
ladyinpink - 6th June
fiona86 - 6th June*
MrsRoss - 7th June
maximaxi - 7th June
pandalamb - 7th June
mrsalston - 8th June
MrsHopeful - 8th June
Clairemum2 - 8th June
Lulabellarama - 9th June
Mrs Joo - 9h June
Marie08 - 9th June
Mobo09 - 9th June
Fran82 - 9th June
JellyBelly1 - 10th June
ceebee - 10th June
MrsAgate - 11th June (ish!)
Mandy123 - 12th June
nikr - 12th June
speckles - 13th June
lillypiesmum - 14th June
topbird - 14/15th June
Hjanea - 16th June
Natw28 - 16th June
SarahW2007 - 16th June
debbiemc - 17th June
sugarpuff - 18th June
girlinleeds - 19th June
Gypsy - 20th June
Sevans - 20th June
Luc86 - 21st June
Nooniem - 23rd June
socks - 26th June
gemsie23 - 26th June
Mithical - 28th June
K-Lou - 28th June
Cherrypicker - 29th June
Woomummy - 30th June
MrsJules74 - 30th June
deputy gibbon - 30th June

Updated - please let me know if I have missed anyone as haven't been on here much over the weekend xxx

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  • I really hope this is our month image for all of us. xx

    [Modified by: K-lou on June 01, 2008 03:00 PM]
  • Great idea. Good luck to us all!xx
  • Can I be added please?? 28th June.... Will be CD 32, as have had 30 and 33, have had to average it!!

    P.S. Think sevans got her bfp, didn't she?? xx
  • I'm testing the 26th, of the dirty witch doesn't show her ugly face image
  • Well it looks like I am out again this month, I was due AF yesterday as per the last few months cycle's but got a BFN this morning, have been cramping for days and totally feel like AF is gonna show up

    Why would this month be any different after all we have hit the 4 year TTC mark this time :roll:

    I've had a tiny amount of spotting this afternoon, which must mean I've gone back to a 29 day cycle from being 28 days the last few months.

    I've had my Day 21 bloods done and they seem ok now booked to have the day 2-4 days ones done on Tuesday (assuming she arrives in style tomorrow).

    Good louck to the rest of you June testers... at least I know I can have a wee drink on my birthday now in a couple of weeks time. Here comes 34 imageops:

  • Oh really sorry to hear that MrsJules. Horrible witch! xx
  • Thanks mithical - having a consolation glass of vino as I type especially as I haven't had a glass since last weekend!
  • Well deserved! xx
  • Sorry to hear that MrsJules - enjoy your glass of vino (or two)
  • I'm due to test 12th June,the day before i go on holiday!
  • I am - cooking a roast chicken and I'm feeling very naughty and on glass 2 already !!

  • Also meant to say can you add me for the end of June please - 30 June - as that is when AF is due again !!
  • can you add me to, 19th june although that might be way to early, before mc had a 29 day cycle since mc,had one 59 day cycle and last was 38 days so hopefully things are returning to normal x
  • I'm testing 3rd June and it's my last month of trying before I have to put things on hold for 9 months image
    Good luck everyone
  • Lets make June a record breaking month for BFP's

    Fingers crossed and tons of luck for everyone

    Mandy xx
  • Please add me too, im due AF on 14/15th June. When would I test then? xx
  • Hi topbird*. You can test up to 4 days before af. The dates we are giving is the day of af. (In my case, an average cycle lengh!). So you could test on the 14th or 15th. Take your pick. image
  • Can you add me to the end of the list please?? Not sure quite which date so will go with the 30th as that would be the longest cycle i've had for a while. At least i've got 2 chances for June!

  • anywhere between weds and the friday after (am usually 28 days which is weds but last month was 38 - not sure i'm going to be able to wait so i'm going for saturday 7th june.
  • just wanted to say good luck and lots of babydust to everyone. i hope you all get BFPs and that there are none of you here when i start the july test list image

    sending you all babydust. now get BDing!!!

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