9DPO tick tock tick tock,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

whew...... the wait is killing me this month...... anyone else around 9 or 10dpo- if so, when is everyone testing.

hurry up days- i'm not wanting to rush right thru Christmas- but am so anxious to see my BFP!!!! (F/x)


  • AF due boxing day ... killing me to have to wait but i am determnd to this time x
    good luck ally x
  • i know- af is due on the 29th for me- but would so love to see a BFP on xmas day.......goona try to wait it out....... good luck to you to Mollie!!!!
  • Me!! I am also 9dpo (I think, recently off the pill so having to do some guess work!) and the wait is excruciating!! Plus, I am symptom spotting all over the place! I really want to test as I'd like to know how much bubbly I can partake in over the festive period, but I know it'd be pointless as it'll probably come up negative, even if there is a little bean tucked away in there. Oh the frustration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got carried away the and rambled, sorry about that! :roll:
  • Hey chook, I'd give anything to be 9dpo as am only 4!!! SS'ing too, lol! Good luck! xxx
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