how accurate are opk poas things?

I bought cheapy ones that did give me a +ve last year the month I started using them and I conceived!!
Had mc at Xmas but am using them again but never got a +ve this month. I was really gutted as am really impatient to fall again you know how it is :roll:
Well I haven't particularly been knicker watching and with BD as well I'm not always sure what's what (LOL) but I have been temping. Yesterday I had ov pains and this morning I got a raised temp so what do you think???
I suppose time will tell but I'm wondering if I maybe tested too early in the day or with too dilute urine??


  • hiya hun i always test around 6pm, as if you test first thing it may be a false positive as the hormone hasnt yet been released.

    You should go without drinking and hold your urine in for three hours before testing to ensure it wont be diluted. As soon as my test lines started getting slightly easier to see i began testing twice a day and i soon found my positive.

    Hope that helps a bit! xx
  • Thank you. I'm not getting any +ve never mind a false one LOL
    I've been doing it around lunchtime. Will try evening next month...
  • hi seraphina, i am so sorry to hear about your mc at xmas, hope your ok, hope you get your BFP quickly. i always tested at 10am and 10pm so i didn't miss the surge but i would say they are pretty accurate, but also easy to miss if you are only testing once a day. good luck and take care xx
  • sorry i meant a false negative hun! xx
  • I think generally quite accurate except with PCOS - I've had a false positive!! But I don't think that happens if you have normal cycles! Good luck x
  • Seraphina I had the same problem this last cycle.
    I used OPK's till CD15 with no positive but my temps said I ovd on CD14... I brought my off ebay so maybe there dodgy.. trying again this cycle and see what happens
  • Hi,
    I used these sticks and never had a problem, I found i would get very light lines once the ov pains started and then a darker line about 2 days later. I never got a line darker than the control line, I think as long as it's fairly dark you can read that as a positive. I also stopped drinking at 2pm and had a last wee at this time, then i would test around 6pm. Good luck xx
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