Anyone on the 1ww?? :o


I started the dreaded 1 week wait yesterday :roll:, I'm 8DPO today, AF is due on the 20th!! It's so nerve wracking doing this every month!! :lol:

Any cycle buddies out there??


  • Hey dotty - we have the same date! 8DPO today and AF due on the 20th!

    As far as symptoms go, I don't have any. However, since yesterday evening I've had burning red hot cheeks while the rest of me is cold. I googled this and it does appear to be a PG symptom. This is month 6 of TTC for us so I'm really hoping to top this year off with a Christmas pud.

    How're you? Any symptoms? xx
  • Hi Chickychoo,
    Not really had any symptons, apart from smelling things that others can't smell!! Like the electrics on the back of the fridge!!! I smelt this when i was pg last time and it went as soon as i gave birth!!
    Fingers crossed the dreaded AF stays away for us both!! Good luck xx
  • the same dates as u.but i was very naughty this morning n did a test.couldnt resist. got a bfn but im trying 2 stay positive cos i know it was 2 early 2 gonna force myself 2 wait now! hows eveything going 4 u both?xox
  • Hi tmd,
    I think it is a bit early!! I'm going to try to wait for my AF to be late if i can!! :roll: I don't want to be disappointed by a BFN!! :\( Good luck, i hope you get your BFP :lol: xx

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  • thanku. Yeah i knew in my head it was 2 early but its our 1st month of trying. i have wanted another baby 4 bout a yr but husband said no then changed his mind bout 4 weeks ago so im just very excited and impatient...this waiting is driving me mad. Good luck in getiing ur BFP.xox
  • Hi girls - I am 6DPO, AF due 22nd. Am determind not to test until AF is late - I don't want the disappointment of a BFN!
    Fingers crossed for us all. Not sure if I have some v mild twinges, or if I am just making them up?!!
    H x
  • Good luck MrsT04!! BFP's all round hopefully!! xx
  • hi girls can I join?
    Am 10 or 11dpo AF due latest on Friday. My boobs are bigger and have hot flushes.
    Really really didn't want to test early this month...but well, tested today, got BFN but not too upset as I knew that it was silly,

    Hope you all get your xmas BFP

  • Hi girls - AF due a week tomorrow. Am on about 8 dpoish although not exactly sure on date.

    Didn't have any symptoms at all until yesterday when my nipples started really hurting- i know some peopl do get that before their periods but i don't normally (have on occasion).
    Also been feeling quite nauseous today and had a bit of a dizzy spell. When i got home i cried for ages cos i had bought mozzarella and oniondough balls in stead of garlic ones accidentally lol.
    Had some cramping.
    Trying really hard not to over do but I really do feel pregnant this month. Iam most likely just imagining it all though image
    Good luck everyone else.
  • Hi everyone,

    I am 7/8 DPO and due to test on 21st Dec, altho I tested this morning with a FR and BFN and I also stupidly tested at 4DPO even tho I knew it was far too early!!!!

    In the first couple of days I really felt like I was getting symptoms but that would have meant I was further on and miscalculated last month.

    Anyhow I have sensitive nipples, darker nipples, cm on knickers (sorry if tmi) but I have zero PMA now so am defeating myself before am even late with af.

    I just cant take the heartbreak, I want this so much as do all you ladies but I really wanted to get our BFP for xmas and now i dont think it is possible.

    Sorry to be on a downer and good luck I really hope you all get your xmas puds.

    Can I just ask which are the best tests to use when I do test on 21st?? should I use FR or CBD or buy some superdrug own brand tests??

  • Shuck, yes it is too early so you're still in with a chance!!
    Snugglenush, good luck, I hope this is your month!!
    Sparkling Diamond, I've not got as far as buying a test so far since i've been trying again, to be honest when i got my BFP back in April i just bought a morrisons pg test, and it gave me an immediate result, I think i was about 2 days late with AF when i tested. I think the superdrug own test gets lots of good write up's on here so maybe go with that, then if you get your BFP you could go for the CBD to see how many weeks it says you are?? Good luck, baby dust to all xx
  • Thanks Dotty your a star - I hope AF stays away that is my xmas wish xx
  • hello ladies, can I join you as well? Not sure when af due to chemical mc and not sure when I ov (although used FRFM) but mucus says otherwise. So thinking of testing 20th or could be 28th if cycle still out of wack. I hate waiting.... but wait I must. Bought lots of FR in boots sale and have asked oh to hide them which he had done so no testing for me. I've got plenty of the cheapie ebay ones if i really must poas lol
  • Ok Symptoms at 10DPO af due 21st

    Weepiness/sadness/irrational behaviour for last few days, lots of cm, heavy feeling in boobs, stitch like pain under left boob, nosebleed?? (stress maybe) or preg symptoms? full of cold and generally feeling bleurgh!!

    Headaches on and off, bit of nausea, been off my food.

    Lumps around my nipples that are more noticeable and raised (white lumps) darker looking nipples.
    Weight gain past few weeks, bloated and crampy belly too!!

    Now either am pg and my BFP is hiding or am just generally unwell, I never ever get af symptoms either only 1-2 days before. I just dont know what to think and have been poas like crazy and BFN, BFN, BFN.

    I either want BFP or AF please for xmas just so I know whats going on......sorry for long rant and let me know what your symptoms are
  • Hey SD keep up the PMA - and don't poas until 21st at earliest!! Don't do it to yourself! (I did cave yesterday though and test hehe got a BFN but knew I would cos it is too early! Not sure why i did it!haha).

    I am about 10/11 dpo ish. Due 21st.
    Biggest symptom to me today is that I normally get AF symptoms (cramping) from 7 days before. And I now have absolutely none as yet.
    I do have pains - but they aren't the same as period pains at all. I have had an almost constant pain in my lower left hand side for the last few days - the other day the pain went right through to my back! Feels a bit more like a stitch or pulled muscle pain really.
    Have been exhausted - but am a teacher so it comes with the territory lol.
    Waves of sick feelings.
    Boobs were sore but not anymore.
    Plus it was in my sisters star sign that i would be pregnant by january! hehe.
    Oh forgot to mention my mouth - i wouldn't describe it as a metallic taste but my mouth has just been really really dry and yucky.
  • Hi Snugs,

    What test did you use? I have been poas all week lol and I know I shouldnt but hey ho no more in now!!!

    So I have to be a good girl and wait til af or BFP arrives. Not buying anymore tests. FR are still on BOGOF too so am going to wait til MONDAY!!!

    Fingers crossed, your symptoms sound good, I think I could have af on way as have started with that af feeling in my belly which is unusual tho because I normally only get af pain 1-2 days before she visits so hope she doesnt land early!!!

  • Hi girls - I am now 10DPO - still getting some mild aches in womb area, and also a bit of brown on toilet paper when I went for a wee the other night (sorry if tmi!). Also yesterday had a funny taste in my mouth - I suppose it could be desribed as metallic. Am tired, but nothing new there! Oh, and I have a huge spot on my chin this morning!
    AF due Tues - feels like years away!!!!
    Got work Xmas do tomorrow night - just the one drink for me - going to have to hide that well as only a small group - hubby will have to drink my wine!!!
    Good luck to everyone.
    H x
  • Everyones symptoms are sounding really promising! I can see a barrage of Christmas puddings on the way!

    I am 8dpo today but my LP is usually 10 days, I temp so will be hoping they stay nice and high past 11 days then I'll be testing...

    This is month 7 since coming off the pill for me and I feel totally different this month. Symptoms ... lots more pressure in my stomach, massive temp dip at 6dpo, very tired and increased cm.

    Good luck everyone! xxx
  • Hi everyone image

    i think i ovulated on Sat (12th) i'm pretty irregular but last month was a 29 day cycle which was short for me so if it's the same this month then ovulation on Sat would work out right, and on Sat i got really bad pains in my left ovary. So if i'm right then i'm on the 1ww with you.
    Not really any symptoms so far but i have had a lot of wind! This is not like me, and i don't mean the burpy kind! I actually got tummy ache this morning because of it. I've heard this can be a sign so i'm hoping so image
    I got a sore throat last night, again i've heard this is a sign so i'm hoping it's a sign for me.
    I got a fuzzy headache yesterday, but i have been tired so it could be due to that.
    And lots of cm.

    I'm really hoping this is my month as my OH goes away early Jan and so our ttc will be put on hold for 6 months image

    It would be the best Christmas present ever!

    Lets hope this is a good month for us all, good luck image
  • Well, I've given in and tested twice and got BFN both times :\(, i'm hoping it's just too early, AF is due on Sunday so if it doesn't come i'll test on Monday!!

    I've got no symptons so I'm not hopeful this month and my PMA is fading fast!! :cry:

    Oh well, if it doesn't happen this month then i'll keep trying for a Sept bean!! :lol:

    Good luck all xx
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