Any 2007 girls here.....

Hey my lovelys....just thought id set up a thread for us oldies who have been here for ever lol!!!!! Seeing as weve all been through things over the past year, be it miscarraiges, ov problems or just our bodies being :evil: !!!

Im hoping we can all get our much wanted bfps soon, would be fab to get them together...although freaky too!! Anyways keep your updates on this thread so we can keep track of things!! heres mine image

Well im cd32 post sign of af but had a + opk last saturday, so if its correct af should be here in 6 days!!!! I have my referall to the mc specialist on the 2nd july...a week weds...crazy!!! Not much is going on, keeping myself busy with work and the nervous about saturday as we havent used any protection, so anything could happen!!! And im on a diet, with my lovely bluebird, we both lost ?????? last wk, go us...hoping for a repeat next wk image image


  • Hiya im an oldie, as you can see I have been on here since May 07, had the mirena taken out in sep 07 and started trying properly in Nov 07. So we are on month 8, CD19 and think I ov last week. I have a cyst on right ovary so think that may be slowing the whole process down. Tried to lose weight but I love my food too much, I was at a really good weight at the beginning of his year but over the last 4months have gained. I REALLY REALLY want a baby and for my little girl to be a big sister!!!!!
    Good luck girlies x x x
  • Hi Kim

    Im an ancent oldie. I have given up dont know what day im on or anything just now my whole life is going wrong.

    Whats new with you?

    jen xx
  • Hey fi, r we due the same time then? I know what u mean....this waiting is so took 5 months since my last mc...not sure i cud wait another 5 again!!! Im having good and bad days...altho im finding it hard to come on here sometimes image xxxx

    Jen, whats happened hun, u ok?? Nothing really just waiting for the 2nd to come...ur lap&dye is nx month too isnt bday if i remember rightly!!! xxxx
  • Where do i start, I have finished college cant get a full time job any where been for a few interviews got one tomorrow no luck. So just now we have no money, Someone ran into my oh work van today (he works for himself) think it gona be a right off. My mum has taken not well. AND I STILL HAVENT GOTTEN MY BFP. LOL Why does everything happen at the one time? So im feeling sorry for myself. HAvent been on for a while as there are so many new people (its not that i dont like them) i just feel sort of left behind and although im pleased for everyone that has gotten their bfp im jealous also and i dont want to feel that way.

    Yip the 31st aslong as my af doesnt come round about then. You doing anything nice for your birthday? Hows the boys?

    jen xx
  • Oh u poor thing...but your right, everything does happen for a reason....its done to bloody test us!!!! Im sure the car will get fixed somehow, and as for your mum, i hope its nothing serious and my thoughts are with you.

    I know what u mean, feel kinda out of place here now, hence why i set this thread up thought us oldies could moan on here, seeing as weve done enough symptom spotting now...and just feel angry with it lol!!! Try to focus on the positives, ur finally getting your tests and theyl be able to sort u out now, and your bfp will follow image

    Well im hoping il be celebrating being 9wks pregnant, not likely though lol....prob have a day out with my boys (we normally go longleat for my bday) and then a meal out wiv oh in the night...there fine, ive just gone bk to work partime...the poor things hate feeling mega guilty but its only partime and will need the matb pay when im preggo :~) (please note the when!!!) xxxxxxx
  • Hi woomummy and Jen, Sorry to gatecrash. I'm not from '07 but been here since January so six months now and not even an af, let alone a bfp. Jen, I know what you mean about the newbies. Seems like almost everyone who was around when I first joined has now got their bfp but not me, but I know you've been trying longer so must be much worse for you. Hope your appointment is the start of good things for you.xx
  • Hello,

    We've been trying since Dec 07 with no luck as yet... I go through phases of "somethings wrong...we're never going to have a baby...etc" and then other times I try to stay positive.

    How do you all deal with the mix of emotions? How long would you leave it til you visit the docs?

    I am just worried about them saying go away until it's been a year, which they are pretty likely to say!!!

  • im due 7th july i think my cycle varies but avergae is 32days but im going by last being 34days. I have good and bad days also, when i have a bad day its an awful day i cant seem to get myself out of it if that makes sense?
    I definatly feel like a bit outta place, so pleased for everyone getting bfps and newbies but I feel like everyone is leaving me behind image
    im so fed up of symptom spotting now ve been there dont that the t-shirt!! ha ha ha
    I feel like 'when is it my turn!' and I too find it hard to come on here

  • Hiya - been trying since October 2006 and joined here November last year I think. Don't post that much really as I'm more of a reader (!) but really love seeing everyone get their BFPs.

    Docs have said I'm OK and OH has done a home test which has come back OK too. Docs have said to come back in October!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That'll be 2 years and I'm not getting any younger. image(

    Know what you all mean about feeling a bit left behind though! Let's hope lots of PMA will help us this month. x
  • Hi Manicmiz

    I know how you're feeling, i've been on here on and off since Jan 07 and am too having the no af rather than the bfp! (well, i think maybe 3 af's - but thats not good enough really is it!!) ha ha.

    Heather xx
  • Yep I joined in July 2007 when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. (05/03/2008) At the moment I am in the first month ttc number two. As I never actively tried with my daughter, I am finding this experience rather new..!
  • hiya!
    I'm an oldie.
    completely know what you mean about being left behind... and feeling jealous that others have got their bfps withing 1-5 months, and were on month 10 now.... :cry:
    I know some of you have been ttc a lot lot longer than me which then makes me feel selfish. :\(

    But I am happy that people are getting their bfp's - means at least one day i can get mine! image

  • Hi ladies, i joined BE in aug 06 when i was pregnant with my 5th. Im now ttc my 6th and am in my 5th month, i do worry that it wont happen because im 41 so time is not really on my side. Fingers crossed for all us lovely ladies. xxxx
  • I'm an oldie joined Nov' 07 but been ttc #2 since october 07 so in month 9 but fast approaching 10! Lets see i got a bfp dec but mc after a car accident and nothing has gone right since with af's their completely irregular and now not even idea when i ov so just living in hope!!! Have now been referred to gyne and have the 1st appointment on the 15th July!!!!!
    have pretty much tried all herbal remedies but now given up so onto the old weight loss scheme so have started swimming twice a week (go me!!!) its weigh day tomorrow so will see if i've lost anything!!!
  • Hiya, been ttc since Christmas 07, joined here just afterwards. No BFP, just plenty of symptoms to send me doolally every month image Add to that moving countries and both of us being out of work looking for jobs, neither of us are very chuffed at the moment image
  • ***Wave***
    We all know I've been here!!! Or at least thats what it feels like!!!! I think I joined mid last year - but have been off the pill since march last year! Oh joy!!!

  • hi girls, well i'm not 07 but nearly, it was Jan 08 for me!!
    feels like a life time really when i think back!!!
    been ttc for 6 mths but only on 4th cycle as they last forever!!! well almost forever - longest so far 50 days!!!
  • hi girls, i've been here since nov 07, trying since sept 07. Just found out i've got PCOS and it seems to be taking forever to get pg. We've all been through so much BFP would be so nice, it would be gr8 if there was no-one on here from 07 as that would mean people are actually getting pg and moving forums.
  • hi kim, i joined in october 07 but have been trying since august 07. Af arrived today so onto the next month for us, feel more positive this month, i know i will get pregnant, it's just the waiting that drives me mad. I'm going for third time lucky as i don't know how i'd cope with mc again.
  • I'm a oldie - joined August 2007. Starting IVF next month after nearly 2 years of ttc.
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