how many dpo am i

:\?:\? well on friday i had ewcm so i bedded on friday, didnt yesterday, and we bedded this morning, i know ewcm mean ovulation is comin up so i was wondering now how many dpo am i, if any? xx


  • hiya, its hard to say (love ur rude veg btw lol) i dont no exactly myself as i dont have a cbfm or ov sticks and everyones different, but i always count the day after my ewcm as my day of ov. so i would say u probs ov'd some point on sat? xxxxxx so 1dpo xxxx
  • thanks huni, im planning on testing bout 1st july so if i dont come on my period i would be 12/13dpo, had pulling sensation in my tummy today but im guessin its wayyyy to early for symptons lol xx
  • lol u never no, and yep 12/13dpo sounds perfect to me. i have had a few pulls asswell, testing fri, fingers crossed for both of us image good luck xxxx
  • I got ewcm and classed the following day as 1 dpo and fell pg so fingers crossed for you x x
  • thanks huni, i hope i caught the eggie x
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