Healthy Eating

Hi ladies

I was just wondering if anyone else is having the odd naughty day still? I am really trying hard to eat the rights things and get my body all healthy but some days I just have to have the odd naughty thing.

Hope its not just me lol :\?

Lou xx


  • I've been eating terribly the last couple of months. I must of put on a stone. I think it's because i know i'm gonna get bigger when i get pregnant so i gave up on the gym.

    I've been this morning though and i'm now eating a plate of brown pasta for lunch! I am gonna start looking after my body cus it's our baby's first home!

    But your allowed the odd day off hun, don't worry!
  • I am trying to eat the right things but sometimes the chocolate just calls my name lol.
    I agree though its our babies first home and it should be all snuggley for them image xxx
  • I read on another site that brisk walking or swimming 3 times per week is good for you and you can even do it when pregnant so think I am going to start walking again especially with the weather being so nice at the moment.

    Yeah I had yoghurt with granola (hope I spelt that right) with some fruit for breakfast and just had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch. I drink plenty of water anyway so thats good, dont drink coffee cant stomach the smell lol.

    Good luck with the health kick hun xxxx
  • I read that about swimming too, and i already go twice a week, so might try and fit another one in on the weekends.

    I've been trying to eat better, but then hubby bought some mars ice creams last week, and they have been calling to me ever since. And we had some Millie's cookies at the weekend. once in a while doesn't hurt though. Managed a ham salad at lunchtime, not sure what we'll have for dinner yet though... i haven't had much of an appetite this last week.

    I was at the gym, but i got so bored with it, and when its so nice outside, i feel like i'm wasting my time on a treadmill when i could be enjoying the sun.

    Good luck with the health kick ladies.
  • I know what you mean hun me and OH went out for Sunday dinner at the weekend and well I wasnt going to have pudding but in the end had a sticky treacle pudding with custard....god it was nice though lol....I am definately going to start walking though I enjoy that, put my music on and I am away image xx
  • hehe..... well, i have been trying eat healthy. but then i keep being really naughty....

    ie yesterday i had a big bag of monster munch all to myself, u no the big ??1.10 bags lol. o dear, and then i keep saying to myself i must eat healthy as i dont wanna put on too mch weight b4 bfp as i wanna get back to normal weight asap after bubba, BUT then the other side of my brain is saying o well u mite be pg this month anyways so may as well eat it ......

    just a vicious circle for me.... lol. dammit, but i am trying, i do have salad everyday for lunch, i really must stay focused and eat healthy lol. xxxx
  • We're they the roast beef flavour, if so that is totally allowed ha ha, but I know what you mean I had a tuna salad sandwich for lunch and a wispa bar I sat there thinking I shouldnt be eating this but what the hell lol.
    I think if you restrict yourself so much it will drive you mad and this TTC business is enough to do that as it is without extra help xxx
  • yeah i agree, food is my comfort. makes me feel happy, and my empty belly feel a bit more full. at least for a while.... lol. would rather a monster munch in my tum, than nuffin atall.
  • ha ha I agree with that hun, cant wait to have that feeling of knowing there is a little one in my tummy image xx
  • awwwww i just read my post back to myself and it sounds really sad lol. im not sad or upset about not having a bubba in my belly yet, just so excited for bfp, and i fill my tummy up with yummy food instead.... but only temperary substitue of coarse lol xx
  • I know what you mean hun lol I am so excited this month also hoping for a BFP doubt I will be lucky though as first month TTC....have you been trying long? xx
  • this is month 5, ithought i would get pg pretty much strait away, but no such luck, so im hoping this is our lucky month image fingers crossed for u aswel, have seen many girlies on here get bfp's strait away! really hope its our month tho, dreading hitting the 6 month mark x
  • Yeah me too hun would be great if we could wander over to the pregnancy page together. What CD are you hun? xx
  • Thats great hun, wish I had that much motivation all the time lol xx
  • I am sure everything will be all nice and snuggley in there when you get your BFP.

    Baby dust xxxxx
  • That was my motivation wanna-bump, if i get into it now and work up my fitness levels again,i can keep it up whilst pg and hopefully i won't put on that much weight and it won't take that long to shift!

    But if my body doesn't hurry up and ov then i'm going to have to punish it with a rolo yoghurt!
  • ive decided to eat healthily too, started today as joined the gym yday as wanna lose weight. so i will feel better about myself and therefore it will be lovely for the baby to grow in there :P heh. theres no harm with the occasional naughty treat, but as long as its not too much lol. i feel tons better for eating healthly now xx
  • put on lots of weight recently as TTC was getting me down so piled on weight each time AF arrived
    so I started the special K challenge three weeks ago and managed to get through it without any slip ups. and am so happy with the weight loss. so now I am on it permanently but having veg for lunch instead of second cereal, it's great and I am not craving any naughty things. am giving myself a day off every two weeks though, it's a great incentive and stops me from stuffing my face randomly
    I hope we all stick to being healthy to give baby a happy first home image
  • I thought about doing the special K diet hun but dont know if I could manage on just cereal throughout the day lol xx
  • I was a bit worried too but I actually found it really easy after a couple of days, and you can always adapt it a little and have a salad(no dressing) or veg or soup instead as long as it has about the same cals. and sticking to such a strict plan has shown me that I do not have to eat big portions and lots of junk xxx
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