everywhere I look..

....there is another of my friends or my husbands friends pregnant! I cant believe it. My cousin is pregnant by some no hoper who is on the dole and smokes weed and god only knows what else. they dont live together and only 3 mohths ago was talking about ending the relationship.
I cant believe this.
When will it be me. I know I sound so bitter but I cant help it.


  • Aww dont worry! ur baby will be betta looking! lol,
    Just keep positive!! and keep having loadz and loadz of sex!
  • We keep trying but feel that it is never going to happen at the moment. x
  • i totally understand what u mean hun, it drives me mad, everyone is PG or has babies recently and they all seem to get PG by accident! x
  • I know I am sure the sex ed lessons at school said all you had to do was look at a boy and you would get preg!
  • yes i thought u could get PG from sitting next to a boy! lol! my mum and my best friend both got PG whilst on the pill!!!!!?????!!!!! Twice!!!! x
  • i know the feeling xx when i was trying the first time, my sil phoned me up and told me she was pregnant and wasnt even trying, if she had been standing infront of me i would have taken her head off!!! eek! i did a hpt the next morning and gort a bfp and we wer anly a few weeks apart x she had her lo on the 6th of june and i had my lo on the 30th x now we are trying again and my hubby's other sister phoned up the other day to say she was 12 weeks gone x she has no job and he is a waste of space and they both still live with their parents x dont get me wrong, i know no-one is perfect but oh does it bug me x

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  • Hiya MrsMel
    I completely know what you mean. After convincing myself I was pregnant last month I haven't been right since. I feel like it will never happen and its really getting me down if im honest. I cant go shopping without seeing chavs with kids that were no doubt unplanned and it is really upsetting. Hubby feels the same and i always catch him looking at prams or pg women. (In a nice way not weird way!)

    I know i need to think positive but it is hard. How long have you been trying for now MrsMel?

    H x
  • my NEICE is preggo right now, my 16 year old neice! Im 24-but still, she obv lives with her Mum who has a 2 month old baby too and they both think its going to be so much fun!!!
  • Homefairy that would kill me right now. My neice is 14 so hopefully ill get pg first but her mum - my sil - was only 16 when she had her so i dont think ill be too shocked if she has a kid herself when shes a teen.

    How do you feel about it homefairy?
  • Yep i'm with you there. I'm having a miscarriage as we speak but my dole dossing SIL and her dole dossing OH are due to drop any day! They are both capable of working but nope!

    In fact theres a new games console coming out soon that he's going to spend his benefits on, When his babies due anyday!

    GRRRRRR to say the least!
  • I feel silly moaning and only being in month 3 of ttc but I have wanted to ttc for about 4 years! I just cant believe that people who are at the right time in their lives and plan things carefully find it so difficult and those who are pg by accident and will never provide properly for the child are all over the place.
    God I sound so bitter... but I also convinced myself I was og last month and was gutted. This month I started a little more relaxed but now I am feeling upset again. (CD15 for me : no ov as yet according to cbfm!)
  • I know exactly how you feel - seems everyone I know is pregnant or giving birth!!
    My sister told me over Easter she's TTC number 2 and she got pregnant with Number 1 within days of stopping the pill so i'm selfishly worried the same will happen again with second one and I'll have to support her through her pregnancy whilst I seethe inwardly with jealousy! x
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