advice please going mad!

I was due on period june 13th, went 3 weeks without no period which i've never been this late before,did 2 tests 1 each week both negative then on the 31st july had light bleeding for 2-3 days. Went to the doctors last tuesday and he said i could be pregnant he said that not all the pregnancy tests on the market are accurate so fingers crossed got to take a sample in on friday been ttc for a couple of years now had 2 courses of clomid and still nothing! Had tests which came back everything normal.Hoping that i am pregnant! I'm 37 now and everyone keeps telling me my clock is ticking! Dying to do another test but my other half won't let me.Anyone else experienced this and should i test again or wait for docs???


  • are they doing a blood test? if its a urine tests is is only as accurate as the ones on the market, most hospitals use ones with the eqivalent sensitivity to a clearblue so if yours is still negative thiers is unlikely to be any different,

    was the light bleeding spotting or like a light period, it may have been your period but just a little late?

    hope it is that your are pregnant x
  • it was light bleeding spotting,the doctor asked if i had any cramping i said no which is strange because i suffer heavy periods and this one was very light pink! I might go and get another test tomorrow i have been feeling sick and i have got white bumps on my nipples hope i am! trying not to stress to much but it is hard x its a urine test at the doctors x
  • I'm kind of in the same situation. I was convinced I was pregnant but have taken 2 pregnancy tests and they say no! Then a couple days of light bleeding when I usually have heavy periods. Strange.
    Fingers crossed! image x
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