pcos and metformin.

hi ladies as some of you may know i got dignosed recently with pcos. what id like to know is can you get mild and severe pcos or is it same for every female? also iv been told il have to take form of medication for rest of my life only time i will not be on metformin is when im pregnant is that safe? im confused as iv high testosterone and they played part in my mc metformin brings down my testostrone so wont it go up again if im pregnant and stop medication? and also when i get pregnant will i have to have closer eye kept on me because iv pcos? and as anyone noticed the benefits of metformin as iv been taking them for 6 days and just feel dizzy and gone off sugary foods. sorry about all questions ladies but dont know clot about pcos and thought my gynae would cu least give me a leaflit explaining it to me and what sort diet i can go on thats better for you if you have pcos. thanks for reading and any replys will be much apreaceated x


  • god bad spelling day sorry lol
  • Hi ya i know there is severe & mild forms of pcos, i have it too...

    I managed to get pg & had my baby boy last july. I have it quite bad. I have ALOT of cysts.

    I know that clomide is very good.

    I am not too sure on high testosterone levels, but i just thought i would give you some hope, it got me down alot & after years of tryin i managed to have a baby. Dont give up hope.

    This sounds really silly but apparently too much sugary foods & mushrooms dont help pcos, it might not be in everyone. It doesnt mean cut it out totally it just means dont go overboard on them...

    Sorry i cant give you more advice.

    I hope everythin turns out well for you.

  • thanks hun it is quiet depressing i just feel iv failed as a woman in a way. your lil boy is the cutest hun and hope i get bfp soon desperation is taking over now. x
  • Arrrr dont let it make you feel that way. I used to feel like that but now i put on 3st whilst i was pg & i still feel like a let down because of my weight!

    It doesnt make you any less of a woman, it will happen for you. I was tryin for years. Wheni found out i was pg i thought i was hungover! I was sooooooo drunk the night b4 & didnt even know. I had given up! But when i least expected it, i got pg.

    Wish you all the luck in the world

  • thanks for your kind words and reading your story i feel more positive that it will happen i hope x x
  • No problem, loads of luck

  • thanks hun. are you trying for another baby? x.
  • No yet, the plan was to start around this time again but i had a difficult pregnancy & 3 day labour, which was really hard.

    But i do hope to have another...
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