CM after ov

Hi peeps

I'm a bit confused (which don't take a lot with ttc)

After ov does cm go back to being classed as sticky!? Just trying to pin point changes this month as 1st month ttc and it hasn't quite been ew but definite change today from yesterday. Can't compare against bbt as only started tracking that yesterday! X


  • Mine usually drys up or goes creamy after ov, I usually see sticky before it goes to ewcm! hope that makes sense!
  • Mine normally goes stick/thick then dries up! Good luck x
  • see i think mine is still quite's hard to tell as last month was 28CD and I'm on CD21 but CM indicators and my 4day BBT indicates ov around CD19/20. TMI but cervix position has also dropped today and it was higher previous few days (in temrs of firm or soft I honestly never noticed a difference there)

    Hmmm first month of doing this though so maybe I'll notice a pattern emerge.....eventually lol! x
  • Mine has been watery and sticky depending on what my body feels like doing lol....hope its a good sign for you bab xxxx
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