Use to be K lou

Hi girls

Not sure if anybody is on here that I would know or that would remember me, I use to be under K lou and had my little girl Rose last Aug. She is now 9 months old and hubby and I are thinking of trying again. I have one more week left of my pill Migro 30 and then I am thinking of coming off it and trying.

I am still not sure if to try right away as they say some women fall as soon as they come off the pill or to wait for a few month get my AF's back on track and then start?

Anyway a huge hello to you all



  • heyyy I remember you K-lou but doubt you'd remember me! I have a little boy born in June last year called Theo and im on 1st cycle after having Implant removed. Welcome back to TTC! I was told to wait a cycle of two...but i forgot what waiting means!!! xxx
  • I do remember you hun, agg how is your little boy?? I am scared I must say about going for it as I had such an swful preg last time but we did not want a huge gap and I reckon it will take us a while this time. It took 7 months before which i was very lukcy about.

  • I didnt have a very good pregnancy, but i also loved it, and im sure that makles no sense!!! But i dont want a big age gap either. I didnt really hang around pregnancy forum that much so im not sure what trouble you had, but every pg is different so who knows!!

    Hope you get a quick BFP when you 100% ready. xxx
  • Thank you hun, one of the problems I had was really really bad SPD and they said I will get that again in my next preg sadly. I just hope i don't get the sickness and all that.

    I hope you do too hun XX
  • Aww thats a bummer, a few of the girls in my due in had spd and i know how they suffered. Did you get plenty of support? xx
  • i was here when you were last time also chick,sadly i havnt moved on yet still but hey ho we'll get there
  • Hi hun, im still here too!! Wow i cant believe that shes 9 mths already, how time flys!! I think you should just go for it, you never know how long it may take to get pregnant again so you might as well start now! Good luck, Debs xxx
  • I did get support yeah that got and will need it even more now witha little one running about image

    Hi girls image I am so pleased to see you but not pleased to see your still here image I have everything crossed for you both image

    It's odd as this has all come about, because the last two weeks I have been getting really bad ache aches and also feeling so tied but then I have put that down to the fact I have returned to work, but this morning I had loads od cm just like I did when I was preg and it was that yellow in colour the same as I had before?

    i have been on the pill though so not sure how that could have happened if i am now but i don't think i am.

    I have just had pain in my belly all morning and last night woke up at am thinking I was going to be sick and had a little cramps in my tummy. I am due on in about a week and a bit I think.

  • Oooh, I'm G/Cing but that's such fab news you're deciding to try for baby no. 2, K-Lou! How is Rose? It's such a bummer they've said the SPD will return, but at least you'll be prepared. I don't know whether there's anything they can put in place before it gets really bad for you?

    Em x x x
  • Thank you image I don't think there is much they can do to be honest they just said to rest as much as i can really.

    I am scared about trying again but at the same time i am sooooo excited.

  • hello fellow august mummy!! Great to see you back on ttc, ive been back 2 months but not trying this month cos have to have a colposcopy next week so decided to wait til that was all sorted.
    Can you believe our little girls are 9 months already? It has just flown!
  • Hey Karen, I'm still here too-well more ltttc than here now!!! I'm hoping to be going forward with treatment with donated embryos either here or in the Czech Republic.
    I hope it doesn't take you long to make Rose into a big sister.
  • Hi Lisa, yes i know how mad that they are so big now, though I must say there is a part of me that is very scared about going through it all again. I had a em c section to so have to see how that would be with it only happening 9 months ago.

    Hi Helen, oh wow that sounds greta when ever will you be going for that?? It's good to see you againimage

  • Hello, I remember you (mostly from Pregnancy/Baby). My lo is now 15 months and we're ttc no 2. It's lovely to think of them being big brothers and sisters isn't it! x

  • Hi K, im not sure if you will remember me from TTC/pregnancy i had a little boy Jacob in September last year his 8 months now!! We are going to see what happens for then next few months before actively trying again but very excited at the thought of a sibling for JJ.

    You had a C-sec didnt you? Did they say how long you should wait before ttc again? I had to have a csec as JJ was breach and they didnt mention how long to wait before trying again?

  • Hi girsl yes i do remember you bothimage Hope your little ones are doing wellimage

    Steph yes i did they never told me anything but I have heard it's two years. I really do not want to wait that long?

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