how long would you waight to go to the docs about ttc

morning ladies its 10 months now of ttc just wounderd how long you would leave it befor going to doc im thinking of going or may be giving it till june what do you


  • hey chick depending on other factors like age etc most docs would say after a 12-18 months of trying

    ive been ttc nearly 2 years and still havnt been tho lol,i have a son who is 3 this year but i dont feel ready yet for some reason,that and when i was at my smean in feb 09 i did mention it to the doc and she told me to stop ttc and lose weight first!!!! im not huge,yes i need to lose weight but hey ho kind of put me off

    maybe give yourself another 2 months and visit your doc see where they stand with ttc x
  • thanks im 31 this year and iv lost 16 pounds so far so iv started with the weight thing as i thought this could be a facter and the doc would have told me to lose the weight first hope you get there
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