Bring it on..........

Well my calculations were correct and i predicted AF would arrive yesterday - sure did last night -yipeee.

I came off marvelon last month so this is my first proper month of trying although we did BD last month around ovulation time - obviously not enough lo.

Bring on the PMA......:lol:


  • I am just waiting for the same thing well done you image

    Lots of PMA for yaimage

    K xxxxx
  • I'm well chuffed i really didnt expect it to arrive and i thought i would give it until saturday - so now i take it i'm on the 2ww (i think - if i've got the lingo right).

    Going to but some OV tests at lunchtime to prepare for the military operation this month: lol.
  • Don;t you have to wait 14 days from your AF and then it will be your 2ww?

    K xxxx
  • Ahhh i see -opps wrong way round.
  • I think so anyway so count 14 days from yesterday and that is roughly when you shoudl be OV though this is not set as you are not 100% sure of you cyc yet??

    K xxxx
  • i think the 2ww is waiting for af after you have ov x
  • i ov'd after 14 days last month although i now know what the little niggles are round about that time as before i never really paid any attention of ovulation or anything as i was still on the pill and not wanting to get preg.

    Its amazing what you pick up on this site and the girls at work were even discussing stringy cm !

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  • Tell me about it I was so lost when i went into all of this and still am really. Only just finished my pill this monday so it;s a big step towards making a baby.

    Yeah if it was 14 days last month and you came on yesterday that should mean you are due to OV around the 14th may image

    K xxx
  • what brand were you on K-lou. Lots of people said they have pregnancy symptoms when they stopped but i have felt great and have vowed never to take 'the deamon' again. I've also started drinks lots of water (as they say you would drink loads when pregnant) and i'm taking folic acid. I did buy pregnacare but they were like bullets so i'm now taking the normal tesco ones.
  • I was on Migro 30 and had been on them for just under two years, I use to have very heavy periods though I did not go on the pill for that reason. So far I feel ok though my body most liekly thinks it;s on a 7 day break. I heard the signs are like being PG which is a shame but I will have to deal with them.

    As I missed my period last month while on the pill i am a little stressed that it;s not going to come and it's all i can think about. I think the worry that there might be something wrong with me freaks me out you know. I shoudl be due on today or tomorrow so i will just have to try and relax really.

    I am also taking pregnacare and you are so right they are huge!!! i took one look at them and was not sure i could do it but they actually are not that bad so been taking them. hubby is also taking Folic Acid bless him.

    You and i should be OV roughly the same time image if I come on today or tomorrow it will be arounf the 16th maYimage

    k xxxxx
  • I was really worried that my body would let me down and i cant believe i'm one of the lucky ones who appears to be back to normal really quickly but i'll see what happens next month. I had a really bad blinding head ache yesterday and a few grumbles which i thought were my belly! I've been on Depo Jab, Micro30, Logynon, Marvelen over the years without much of a break.

    I can feel myself become obsessed by this melarky but i'm trying not to go overboard as we are now only on the second month of trying after a half hearted first month.
  • God I feel you sister, there is so much worrying me right now and I have not even started TTC.

    I think it;s the fact there is so much information on the internet plus what with missing my af i am now worried that there is something wrong with me just as we want to star trying.

    I was a right state yesterday. My dctor is rubbish by the way so there really is no point going to him.

    k xxx
  • Haha i say i'm not obssessed but i have already got a pram in mind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ha ha ha

    I am starting to think now my doctor should of given me a blood test i am not sure how common it is to miss a period while on the pill. We did lose somebody in the family which I was very upset about this could be the reason?

    K xxx
  • Mmm not sure but i know stress plays havoc with your body. Do you feel like AF is on its way ? Have you done a test ?

    I did feel different yesterday than i did last month when AF was on its way.
  • I did five tests all BFN?? I did go to see my doctor who asked me to do a urine sample and I handed that in on frday last week and they lost it. Was meant to get the results on monday and I called at 11 was told to call back at 1 , then was told to call back at 3 then was told to call back at 5-30 just to be told they had lost it?

    So for now I have just left it and I was going to see if i got AF this month. i have had head aches and sore boobs which I normally get before I am due on though this time i have got really bad bacj ache which I don;t normally get but use to get before I was in the pill.

    My life LOL

    k xxx
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