What really annoys me is.....

when people just don't understand what trying is all about. Most men seem to think it is so easy- but us women seem to become obssessed with our cycles. I personally think it is important to kind of have an idea of when your fertile? Don't the exact day but at least the week thats good for bdding?!

And then there are the people who always say 'it will happen when it is meant to happy, don't worry about it'.... how can i not worry when we are on month 7 of trying and no BFP? Surely its normal to pay alittle closer attention to our bodies to help us get that BFP???

And normally the people who say dont worry are the ones who got pregnant straight away!!!! Lol what do they know (no offence meant), unless you have been trying for a few months i cant imagine that you get upset about not getting the BFP.

I have noticed that though i am much more chilled about it all lately i am def still nervous about waiting for my AF!!!

Ok sorry for the rant!!!! It's all out of the system. ANd by the way we haven't really told people we are trying but a few people i know are trying and i hear the above quite a lot from people!!

Baby dust for everyone please...................................
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