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hi everyone, I'm new to this site, thought i'd join it as a relaxed person however....!! I'm hoping someone might have a bit of advice for me!?

i was due on my period on saturday (27th), normally i am very regular, but it never came, so yesterday (sunday) morning i did a test and it was void, so i did another at around 3 o clock, and a faint positive appeared, it was definately there. i thought i would do another this morning, in the hope it would be more concentrated, however it was another faint positive.

now i am going to leave it for a couple of days to test again, but i have been reading up things online (dangerous i know) and i'm worried its chemical preg, or i've imagined it all or something.

has anyone else had faint positives and had good news?

i'm driving myself mad at the moment!

thanks xx


  • Hi hun, did the line appear straight away within the 3 mins or 5 mins?

    Good luck, sounds hopeful how long have you been trying?

    What test did you use?


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  • Hi hun, I got a faint positive last month, then made myself wait for 3 days before doing another test (as the hcg levels take a couple of days to double) then I got a definate positive. I know it's so hard to wait, but you'll know for definate. Hope it's good news! x
  • hi sparklind diamond, they were just cheap asda ones, started to appear within about 3 mins, after 10 mins they were definately there, but not really counting that if you know what i mean. i came off the pill in october, we've just been doing the relaxed approach really, its the 1st time i've tested as well!

    ruthiespoon, thanks for the reply as well, its nice to hear a positive story from it!

    i'm gonna see if i can wait til sat before testing again (thats if my period doesn't rear an ugly head!)


  • i think this sounds promising!! i once used a cheap test with a feint possitive and just dis-regarded it kuz it didnt come up for 10 mins!!
    i really dint think i was preg as we had only been trying 1 month but then when my boobs hurt and still no AF i bought a clear blue and the line came up really clear literally in 2 seconds.
    so wait and test again, maybe with a better make.
    good luck image xxx
  • I did a cheap tesco test and got a very faint line, did a clear blue next morning and got a strong instant line - scans later showed me to be 6-7 weeks pregnant at that point so tesco should have showed a lot darker, but I was definately pregnant, so a line is a line!!

    *whispers* congratulations and let us know when you test again!! Fingers crossed xx
  • oh god thankyou everyone for your replies! i have googled (i never thought i would ever get this manic, i am normally the most laid back person ever!) faint positive preg tests, and mine where both a lot darker than the images they were showing.

    i will definately use this site a lot more now, hopefully i'll be joining the due in nov 10 group!
    best of luck to everyone TTC
  • Hi,
    if you want to check out my new post with pics it shows a cheap old boots test taken at lunchtime thurs its a faint line that bloody disapeared altoghther! next pic is the FR i used the next lunchtime & its a definate strong +ve Maybe invest in a FR hon, but the answer to your question really is yes i got really faint then really strong within 24 hours of each other!
    Best of look darl.
  • Good luck hun and test in a couple of days as a line is a line hope to be congratulating you real soon xx
  • ooo katyjo, i just seen your post! serves me right being a cheapskate doesn't it! just told my hubby to pick me up a decent one tomorrow, will hold out a couple of days (if i can!) before doing it!
  • me too lol!! all to save ???????3 which turned out afterall 2 x FR's was cheaper cause they had a buy one get one free offer on!!

  • me too lol!! all to save ???????3 which turned out afterall 2 x FR's was cheaper cause they had a buy one get one free offer on!!

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