Fertility Friend

Hi Ladies,

I started using Fertility friend a couple of weeks ago to track my cycle etc. before we officially start trying.

Anyway just wondering out of the people who use it whether its worth upgrading to the pro version or just stick to the free one?

Thanks xx


  • I just use the free version. I do get really bad ov pains and know that im 35 days on the dot, so for me i dont think itd be worth uodating right now.
  • Hi,

    I love FF and was very tempted to upgrade when my trail staus ran out this morning, but at the moment, don't have the ??30 it costs.

    Although, you do still get to chart your temperature, which is the main thing - I think it depends on how much information you want to store.

  • Hi, I use the VIP membership and would be lost without it.
  • I paid around a tenner for another 3 months of VIP membership when my trial ran out. My cycle can be a little irregular so I'd be lost without it!
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