OK holiday almost booked....

I am coming off the pill next week and am booking my holiday in Egypt for 20th march. I just wanna make sure I am doing the right thing by carrying on with my holiday plans? I could be preggers by then if I am reeeeally lucky and fall straight away, but I know thats not highly likely.

Would you book a holiday for 2/3 months after you start trying?


  • grrr it ate my reply.

    what i was going to say was that i think anytime before 27 weeks is safe, so i would say you'd be safe. I think the only with with flying in early preg is the sickness which might make people unwilling.

  • Hi Stace, welcome to TTC XX

    I think its best to go ahead with normal life and not to worry about what might or might not happen, it would be wonderful for you to get a BFP straight off but it may not happen that fast- it will though when it's meant to.

    as HF says it's safe up till 27 weeks so you would hopefully be ok with the flight, however being in Egypt could possibly be a different kettle of fish- I think though as long as you don't over do it and watch your food/water intake then there shouldn't be a problem. To be honest we have booked for Egypt in February and there is a slight chance I might be pregnant then if I get my BFP this month - if it turn out that way then I would check with my doc but I think I would be inclined to still go as it would be ealry days ( i would be about 8 weeks if at all! ).
    Sorry if im not making much sense lol

    Will be good to see what everyone else thinks...
  • OK these replies are really helpful : ) Thanks.

    Bit worried as I got a really bad tummy bug when I went to Egypt last July, and had to take their medicine which I couldn't take if I get preggers. But I did go in the hottest season then, and this time will be cooler and I wont be drinking if I am, so should be OK !

    Gees I am getting all neurotic and crazy already !! LOL !!
  • Go for it Stace, I have been to Sharm and Taba in Egypt and made friends with pregnant ladies in both places and both were fine. Having been there before you know all the basics what with bottled water and not too long in the sun etc so you'll be fine :\)

    Where abouts are you going hun? We've been to egypt for all our holidays past 3 years or so and OH fancies a change this year but I want to be faithful to it :lol: xx
  • Hi
    Im sure you will be fine - even if you are super lucky and get BFP on 1st month after the pill and TTC.

    BroodyBeth - Try Luxor! We went last April and it was a great holiday. Very much 'real' egypt but still have your 5* hotel and pool to laze around when you are too hot and bothered! Loved visiting the tombs and temples and loved the busy markets - in small doses!
    Book it - you will have the best time! H x
  • I just got my bfp I'm 4+4 and going on hols to cuba in 12days. I'm a bit scared, but I'm sure it'll be fine. a bit of sunshine and lots of swimming are prob just the thing I need. When I was dithering whether to book it or not, one of the other girls said book it it'll tempt fate and you'll get your bfp - and I did!!
  • oooh MrsAllen - I will look at Luxor if I can talk OH into Egypt again :lol: x
  • Its fantastic! And a lot cheaper than the euro or dollar!!! hehehe H x
  • Hi hun, I had a similar dilemma but we have booked to go to san antonio bay ibiza for a week all inclusive so its a 2hr flight but I have been told safe to fly up to 7 months but best to go 2nd trimester but relax hun it will happen when it happens and best to not put your life on hold for trying for a baby incase it takes a while.

    Enjoy your hol xx
  • BroodyBeth....

    I have been to sharm, went last year for Honeymoon and it was perfect ! Going to Sharm again as we loved it there ! xx
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