Newbie...can i join??

Hi everyone!

Wondering if i can come join this group?? Been TTC for a couple of months about 6 months ago but I got all upset because nothing happened so we gave up trying...back on the band wagon now and first month using the CBFM (Got a peak too!!) so now in the 2ww!! Argghh!! It never gets easier does it?! I convince myself that maybe this is it and then its def not it.....i swear i imagine symptoms but since 2dpo have had pains and wierdness in my tummy and now at 6dpo I have like a stitch pain in my side...absolutely knackered too!! See what symptom spotting does!! keep thinking it means something but sont want to get positive because I know ill be disapointed yet again! Oh why cant it be easy?! Lovely to come on here though and 'do it' so to speak! with all you girlies!!



  • hiya and welcome image yay! i just bought a cbfm! wooooop! im so excited for it to arrive so we can get started image hopefully the cbfm gives u luck and helps u get pg strait away, im hoping it does for us anyways! good luck ttc! xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks mrs *me* and good luck to you to! I have to say I never thought i would get quite so excited about poas everyday!! You get to the point that you hold your breath when you take the stick out the machine and when you get a peak...well!! the excitement!!! I ran round showing oh, then very very VERY sadly enough I took the machine to work hidden in the depths of my cavenous handbag and kept taking sneaky peeks of the little egg sign! was so excited!! Just hoping, praying, everything else that it actually works! Lovely positive thoughts to everyone!! xxx
  • hahahaha! sounds like bingo! lmao. sounds great fun! haha x
  • Hi hun,

    Welcome to BE! Just a quick Q, how long were you getting highs before you got your peak in your first cycle using cbfm?

    I've been getting highs since cd7 and i'm now on cd 18 and still getting highs but no peak??

    I'm confused and tired of waiting!
  • Hi Lady 2188...ttc can be so frustrating!! I got 4 days of highs before i got my peak. I know a lot of people have said the first month can be a bit weird and all over the place. A friend of mine got highs and lows and then highs again but no peak for 2 months and on the second month she got her BFP!?! I wouldnt worry too much (says she the worry queen!!) and see how you get on..hopefully by your second month it will have got to know you and settled down. I think i was just lucky for it to work smoothly this month...hence going ballistic when i did get my peak...wasnt expecting it. Have had sooo many issues lately - cycles all over the place so it is nice for something to appear quite normal for once!! Im sure everything is fine hun and it will smooth itself out...good luck and heres to our BFP's very VERY soon!! xxxx
  • I just done a google search on cbfm highs (naughty i know) and lots of people seem to have had no peak on cbfm but end up getting BFP's. My last cycle was 34 days though so there is still time for a peak, just didn't expect 2 weeks of highs beforehand! Blimmin machine!

    Sorry for g/c your welcome post ! Hope you get your BFP very soon!
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