2WW & Obsessing!!!!!!

Hi ladies

Does anyone here use Fertility Friend or know anything about temping? Im 11DPO on my first cycle of clomid and my temps aren't looking great. But wanted a second opinion!? I have sore boobs, cramps and slight nausea around meal times. But that's it. Oh, and im feeling very hormonal! I really don't think im pg, but im feeling sooo impatient! When do most people test? Do you wait until 14dpo?

Thanks ladies! x


  • some people on here have tested 8dop and got a bfp. Might be worth doing a test. Id be too impatient to wait.lol
    good luck.xxx
  • Oooh that sounds promising!!! I might cave and do a test tomorrow.... Id be 12dpo then. I hate the 2ww lol!!!

    Thanks ladies x
  • i temped last time and on my BFP cycle my temps where going down until AF was due then they shot back up, good luck x
  • Thanks Piggypops. Mine are weird this time tho, they have been hovering along the coverline ever since ov. No big rises, just very steady hovering along (slightly above) the coverline. x
  • have you got a link to your chart?
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