Well witch just got me!!!! :'( xx

Hiya girls......

Well the witch just turned up!!!! so onto month 4 of ttc no3!

i know its not long and most ppl on here hve been trying longer, its just upsetting isnt it every mth when u get AF .......i hve 2 kids already both hve diff dads,,,,DD took me 6months 2 concieve her and my DS took 3months.......im now with a diff man so i suppose it depends and could be diff also......he has a daughter who is 18 so he can do it lol!

think im gonna treat myself 2 some ovulation sticks tho as my cycles not the same every mth yet!....

1st month was.....29DAYS
2nd month was....25DAYS
3rd month was....26DAYS

so think i need 2 find out when im ovulating.....any1 got any advise on the ovu sticks??

x holly x


  • Aw sorry to hear that hun, fingers crossed you get your bfp next month!! I have no clue about ov sticks and don't have much clue about anything on here hee hee sorry I am not really much help at all!! x
  • oh no how rubbish

    on the ov sticks it depends what you want to spend, you can get smiley face ones from clearblue so you dont have to read lines they are prob the most expensive but easiest then theres the line ones that you wait for the second line to become as dark as the control line for a +, i get mine from ebay but all supermarkets do thier own, as well as boots etc, it would probably worth starting from when AF leaves you x

    good luck
  • thanks girls,.....

    im off into town thursday 4 holiday stuff so ill hve a nosey then.....im fertile i think y on holiday....hmmmmmm sex in a caravan could be fun!!! pmsl! x
  • hehe your will be the shaky one then :lol:
  • lets hope we hve a caravan just on its own pmsl x
  • Ah, what a shame image Me too! AF this morning! On to month 4 for us, I have a daughter who is 11 but she has a different Dad. I know it's early days but I just want to know that we can and then I could relax a bit!
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