10DPO anyone else the same?

Hi just kinda wnating to find some people at the same stage of 2ww as me to chat to right now I am a little wound up. On top of the fact we seem to be having some unscheduled money probs at the moment I need a distraction so baby chat it is lol.


  • I am 11DPO and due on either Saturday or Sunday. I don't feel like its been our month this month unfortunately, just don't feel different or anything. Shame (but we are going to Mexico for 2 weeks in May so I guess at least I will be able to enjoy that fully) ..
  • Hi hun, Im currently 10 or 11 days past. The wait has been killing me today. I just want to know either way!!! If you had read on 'large families' oh and I werent exactly trying but it doesnt make the not knowing any easier!!! Sorry to hear youve been having a few money probs hun, hope its nothing to bad? x x x x
    Louga, hope you have a fab hols hun x x x x
  • I think I am over thinking everyhting right now because I am stressed. Logically I know we can get alot of our savings back after my partner does a few shifts at the night clubs. Also logically I know we are quite fertile and a mmc is a minor set back in us getting a sticky bfp. Now if only the logical brain would talk to the rest of me we would be in action roflmao.
  • ((hugs)) i'm 6dpo and desperate to test... Sorry you'r having financial worries
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