Hello girls, a catch up

hi girls im on my 1ww as of the morning,, af due next sat 20th, not sure how many dpo i am - havent used opks this month, dont own cdfm but when i used opks in ttc cycle 2 in dec i ovd on cd18 and as today cd 23. if i ovd same time this month then i dont know if we would be successful as haven't bd'd that much (had a few pains), but fairly reg on days up to ov. ive had some strange constant aches and occasional shooting pains for 2 months or so, went to drs on monday and had exam and she is refering me to have u/s scan just cuz there has been pcos and ov'n cancer in fam. strangely pains have gone since going to docs although having some as we speak lol, probably nothing but best to be sure, interestingly when she examined me she had trouble finding my cervix as its in awkward position, as is my mums lol, :lol: so that may be why swimmers are having trouble getting through but still early days so fingers crossed, love and baby dust to all xxxx


  • Hi hun, fingers crossed you get your BFP next weekend xx
  • thanks hun, how r u going? x
  • Back in limbo land again hun, have you used boots cheapies before I got a very faint line on wednesday and could only see it when held up to a bright light but defo a line down the middle and think i got one again this morning but am going to wait a few more days now and then I have to hand a second urine sample into the doctors on wednesday.

    I go away on Friday with hubs to London for the weekend to see Dirty Dancing so a nice distraction away from TTC!!

  • ah yes i see ur post, sorry to hear that, i have only used cbds in nov and in dec and jan in nov and dec, came on early in jan so havent had to buy any more, and wont do as i will be naughty and test early, so only gonna test if af late. x good luck hun, ps lushness for london i really wanna see it, saw chicago in oct, my first ever show was amazing have a great time and do some dirty baby dancing when ur there!
  • Lmao lol will certainly be practising ha ha!!

    I went to see Mamma Mia in Newcastle beginning of January that was my first show and it was fantastic we were up dancing and singing at the end.

    Cant see hubby dancing or singing but I will be image x
  • well test results all fine, am ss'ing now but trying not to get hopes up, but had cramps at poss implantation time and got sore boobs pn and off so fingers crossed for sat. x
  • Fingers crossed for you Siany!!!

    x x x
  • Good Luck to everyone!

    Sparkling diamond, me and OH were in London last wkend, really enjoyed it, hope you have a good weekend xxxx
  • hi siany i have a tilted uterous ( dont know if thats spelt wrong) ha! but i have still always got caught without problems. dont know if thats the same as you. my af due mon so fingers crossed.

    good luck everyone xxx
  • good to know thanks, not sure about my uterus image but cervix funny lol, but us scan should show tilted uterus if it is.
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