AF playing with my mind

Am sure AF is just messing with me! She was due yesterday...Day29 of a 29day cycle (or has been for last 2 months) but she's still not here!
Used CBD this morning but BFN image now i feel so down! So wanted an early xmas pressie!
Now i'm just waiting for her to arrive but dont feel the same as usual, which is why i thought it was going to be BFP! Its so heartbreaking! image
Sorry for the rant! Xx:cry:


  • Keep up hope. Maybe it is just a shy bean - apparantly it can be up to 19 dpo before it shows on a HPT.
    It isn't over til AF arrives!
    Fingers Crossed for you
  • Thanks Snugglenush! image I'll try 2 keep up my PMA but its so difficult to get it out of my head!
    & sod's law she'll come now i've written on here image Xx
  • Hi hun,

    Yeah I second what snugglenush says hun keep up the PMA it isnt over until the witch visits xx
  • I agree with the other ladies, keep the pma hun, it's not over yet! Have my fingers crossed xx
  • Thx girls, appreciete the replies...she's still staying away but cramps are getting worse :-S However still getting weird twinges that i dont normally get so here's hoping! Xx
  • hi bondmardybum (heehee loving the nae - you're obviously from my neck of the woods!) i got that last month, af was late but kept getting bfns and its horrible not knowing! like the others said though don't give up hope until af comes though xxx
  • Well..thank you for all the support guys, but I'm officially back to CD1 image
    The witch arrived 2 days late, which I think was a little cruel of her...but hey ho, I get to enjoy xmas without thinking too much about it (YEAH RIGHT!!)

    I'll get the..."when are you 2 having kids" comment, over & over again...

    Not for the want of trying I might say but they dont know we're trying so I'll have to keep quiet.

    Oh well, lets hope month 7 of trying will be the one for us...New Year BFP here we come!!!

  • Oh & I've decided to go for rude veg it seems to be the way to go...

    Every little helps eh?!
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