Lap and Dye done

Hi girls,

Had my lap and dye done yesterday, whan I came around they told me that all was well, any slight blockage I had was cleared and this proceedure usually gets your body thinking it should be doing it job. We have a follow up appointment booked in 6 weeks, my hubby is going for a sperm test again as he has given up smoking for 5 months and we will find out the next step - which should be IVF.

Found out you get 2 attemps here with a 1 year waiting list, I was worried as I have a child and my husband doesnt that we wouldn't get it on the NHS however you do in this part of the world which is great!

Lets hope we get the BFP before then - I feel like I have been hit by a bus right now as they fill you full of gas and it makes you ache - including chest pains but it is all worth it to be told we are capable of having children.

Love M image lots of baby dust and PMA xx


  • Ive heard ladies on here saying that they got there bfps after having this procedure, i hope this will be the case for you too, good luck hun xxxx
  • Best of luck littlem, I hoep you get your bfp soon. It must be such a weight off your shoulders to know that you are all in working order! xxxx
  • Glad it all went well, hope you get your bfp naturally, and soon. xx
  • Glad it went ok and i hope you get you bfp soon. Im booked in for a lap and dye 31 july so cant wait (that sounds kinda weird sounds like a day out) lol

    Goodluck xxx
  • glad it went well and i wish you lots of babydust and pma. hope your BFP is on it's way image xxx
  • Great news littlem. Hope it doesnt come to ivf for you, but if so then it sounds like you are in the right part of the world! Good luck and hope you get a lovely bfp very soon. xx

    And good luck with yours jen24, not long to wait now! xx
  • I hope you feel better soon and I hope this helps you to achieve a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby very soon!- Good luck x
  • Hello girls, feeling much better a bit stiff but I have a week off work so every cloud.

    I live down in Bournemouth, I think the IVF wiating list here is 18 months but I dont mind anything to get that BFP.

    Hubby is going bcak for his 2nd sperm test next week - hes not very happy about it but he has no choice we need the results for our follow up appointment in 5 weeks time.

    Good luck Jen24 I really hope it goes well for you - I know what you mean when you say your looking forward to it - I was so excited. When I was in the hospital there was another lady having the same done but she couldn't go through with it and left - I will do anything to get my bfp....

    Good luck ladies, I will be back to 2ww and symptom spotting before you know it...

    Love M image
  • Glad to hear it went well & you never know you could get a bfp before the 18 months wait for IVF. I have heard of this happening a few times so i've everything crossed that it will happen for you too

    Good luck & sending you lots of babydust & pma xx
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