Do you have a "best friend"

And I dont me your OH. :lol: Who is of course mine.

I used to have one BEST friend and a few really really good friends when I was lived in South Africa. Now however I dont. I only have 3 "real" friends, 2 of which I hardly see and the other is BIL's GF so I cant really confide in her much and aside from that she has her own friends.

So I just have my online friends.

I really miss going out with my BFF and talking shit and going shopping and getting drunk and just knowing that when / if I was feeling low or just want to go out she would always be there for me.

Sorry girls this is really a pointless post and all stemed from seeing my old friends photos on FB and realising that they still all hang out together as a group. And I am stuck here like Billy no mates.

*Pitty party for one please*



  • aw cooper, i know how you feel. I left all my childhood friends behind when i left school and its sooo difficult to make new ones as most people i meet already have friends and aren't really interested image On the bright side my best friend from uni moved a bit closer recently.
    Could you join a group or something to meet new people? Maybe you'll find someone you really click with? Hugs and don't let it get you down, at least there are loads of nice people on here xx
  • I have 3 best friends but 2 of them dont get along so we dont hang out as a group plus we all have children of different ages. I talk to them online alot but dont see them very often. I should make an effort to go and see them but I just get busy.
    Is there any chance of meeting up with your old BF? or getting her on msn so you can chat and keep in contact?
    keep your chin up, I bet they miss you too xx
  • I have 2 best freinds (greedy I know!)

    One I have known since primary school, when I was 10, she was 11, but we were in the same classroom. The other I have known since about 2005, we work together (when she's not on maternity leave!). xx
  • yeah I know Jellytots, I love you lot! And if it wernt for all of you I would have lost my sanity ages ago. I have to remind myself that I was the one who chose to move here - I wasnt forced to. But to be honet I never expected to stay indefinatly.

    Oh God snap out of it Cooper!!
  • Wannababy I am in contact with them on FB (they are all in S. Africa) but it is not the same.

    Call me greedy but I need real life face to face kind of stuff.
  • I have one best best friend, who now lives in Australia, who i still speak to weekly and then 3 really really close friends, who i tell different things two, one of them i tell everything, she is also ttc and we got married at the same time.
  • I have a best friend who I went to uni with but she lives 400 miles away. I have been with OH 8 years, we are married and obviously TTC and she has just moved in with her boyfriend and would prefer a dog to a baby so I feel uncomfortable talking about this stuff with her although she was fab when I had the MC.

    I used to have a really good friend who I thought I could rely on but she completely stabbed me in the back 4 days before my wedding and we haven't spoken since.

    I always feel like a complete loner, I only really have 4 real friends other than my best friend and 2 of them are OH's friends wives so make me feel like they are borrowed friends and one of them lives in Edinburgh and I am moving to Nottingham soon so will be 300 miles away from her.

    I think thats why I went on YAYW so much and now on here because its nice having people to talk to who know what you are going through.
  • my bf from school and i fell out as i did something dreadful and i still miss her, but its my own stupid fault.

    ive found ive made some good friends since having the boys, my best bf is from SA and i know her through the children and she says she has made good friends since having kids.

  • I really only have one best friend, We have been friends since we were 3! We both recently met up with another friend who we havent seen for 7 years! Hoping that we will all stay in contact.

    Everyone i work with are alot older than me so we dont really 'hang out' outside of work.
  • i have a good friend that i grew up wiv we were bbf growin up but we grew apart at high school were still good friends but my best friend is my older sister sarah shes brill it takes me alot to trust wemon! u could say im a loner lol my sis lives in plymouth an the last time i went out was nearly 2yrs ago on my hen nite xxxx
  • i have never had a good experience with best friends, i tend to distance myself from people as i dont want to be hurt, my two best freinds from school hurt me, one slept with a guy i was head over heels with and the other led me into a relationship with a psyco who did horrible things to me (she knew he had a screew loose)

    then for about 4 years or so i only had friends, no one i would confide in. i then became very good friends with two people but left them behind to live with hubby 120 miles away, i am still in touch but its not the same. i am "friends" with hubbys friends WAGs but in 3 years have never really clicked with any of them, we do go out and stuff but noone i would pop round for a cuppa with,

    recently i have become close to a girl from work we just clicked instantly, but after a nasty breakup is moving back home acrross the channel, i dont blame her but i am upset that she isnt staying

    so overall my "best" friends either crap on me of leave me, :\(
  • your not greedy at all. my best friends arent from school they are friends i have know for last 5 years and they are people i have meet in the pub and work tbh.
    we should have a meet from here sometime, maybe that would help some proper friendships blossom!
  • Hi Cooper7

    I know exactly what you mean! I used to have a BF, one from school and we did everything together but I moved overseas and we drifted apart. I think now that she obviously didn't want to save the relationship as I put lots of effort in to begin with!

    So like you I have a couple of great friends who live overseas and although we email/talk occasionally, it's not the same, although I am able to confide in one of them.

    I have a good friend here, a girl who I've known for 20 years, we used to work together and always kept in touch but I don't feel comfortable in confiding with her. Plus she's at a totally different place in her life right now, single, 38 with PCOS and having to face life with no children. Still I enjoy her company and we often go out with for drinks, pics, etc., thankfully as she's probably the only real friend I can see face to face! Like Piggypops I have DH's friends WAG's but it's not the same.

    So you are not alone Cooper7, I often feel like Billy No Mates. I think there's a lot of us that craves a BF, I know that I would love to be able to share everything with that special person. Where do you live? I doubt we're close enough but I'd love to be your BF!

    Men are so different, my DH hardly spoke to his mates when we lived away but just picked up where he left off when we returned home 3 years later!!

    Great subject, nice to know that we are not alone after all xx
  • I have one best friend and a couple of very good friends. I struggle to confide in anyone. My h2b mind has been friends with his best mate since they were 1.
    I think girls are different to men.
    I'm due to move soon and are comcerned i'll have no friends thankfully it'll only be an hour away and i can visit easily but doubt it will feel the same, and i worry what new people i meet will think of me.

    stuckinlimbo, i'm only round the corner if you fancy a kiddie break coffee, chat, or an ikea shop and hotdog lol
  • Where are you all from? A meet is a good idea.
  • I live in Wednesbury (Between B'Ham and Walsall) i'd be up for meeting and a convenient location and time for all image
  • Cooper7 - thiis may cheer you up - I also left all my close girly mates behind when I left uni and I moved away from my school friends to be with my OH (only from Cheshire to Yorkshire so not quite the same as moving from South Africa!). I can see them all if we go and stay with one another but for years I really missed having good friends that I could just go shopping with our out for a drink with locally on a whim without a big who-ha and months of planning. Anyway, despite living here for 10 years the first time I made really good friends outside work was when I had my first baby! I met 3 really lovely girls through NCT antenatal classes, who all live really near me and 2 years on we still see each other all the time. My closest friend & I take out LOs to a toddler music class on our day off each week and we meet up with the other two for drinks & dinner every month or so. After all this time I finally feel settled now that I have my "mummy friends"!
    Aside from these girls I met loads of potential friends when I had my first baby so I'm sure once you are pregnant you will start to make friends locally - it's a great ice breaker!!
  • well i would like to no what a best friend is i think i have a really good friend we went Thru school together and her mum died when she was 13,she then stayed with her adoptive parents who were friends with her mum and stayed near me so we were still in touch,i tried to help her through so much but she got rebellious and her adoptive parents were horrible to her called her names made her babysit all the time,i used to babysit for her so she could go out for once,i tried so much to help her but she always walked right over me,we eventually grew apart until last year when we got back in touch through bebo she didn't even know i had Lennon,since then we have seen each other loads and it is really really nice to be back in touch and even have her at my wedding,if it had been sooner i would have had her as a bridesmaid as my 2 weren't much help anyway....

    she was at our 1 night and had gotten drunk,dragged me to the bathroom with her and spent 30 Min's apologising about how she treated me when we were younger,how she appreciates it now but back then didnt and that she felt sorry for what she had done,i dont hold a grudge she was just rebelling after losing her mum i would have prob been the she is a really good friend but maybe not now my best

    as for my other so called friend,i have her to thank that i met Scott but since i have had Lennon and cant go out like we used to we have been forgotten,she was friends with Scott as well and i get a txt about every few months,they never come to mine we have to drag Lennon and all his stuff up to hers or her mums,we dont drive

    all in all i feel a bit let down by my so called friends since i had Lennon as i said on my FB im more likely to get a reply from ladies on here who i have and get on really well with then get a reply for some1 in the real world

    i could prob go on lol but i'l stop moaning for now hehe xx
  • im in tamworth staffs its bout half an hour drive from brum! x
  • Think we should all join together on Facebook, then we can chat instantly and find out more about each other! See my earlier post!
    Katie xxx
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