Qus for PG ladies

Hii all,

May I ask what you made differently in that cycle and got pregnant?

Used any supplments or products or stayed for 20mins after BD?or nothing?
Any reply will help.

Thanks :roll:


  • try posting this in Pregnancy, might get a better response! H x
  • try posting this in Pregnancy, might get a better response! H x
  • mrsallen: ya I guess i hv to do that

    littlewolf: thnx for replying. Mmmm I will try to hv more seximage
  • Hi

    I used a CBFM to finally know when I was ov'ing (ebay OPK's before that had been rubbish) and I also used some Pre-seed Lube when we BD'd on my first Peak and first low after Peak days.
    I tried to sit for a bit afterwards - but prob only for 2 mins.

    I then tried to forget about everything and made my self only test on 14DPO.

    I think it had to be the CBFM though - I had irregular cycles so just knowing I was ov'ing later than I thought must have made a difference.

    Hope this helps
    (TTC for a year, now 9+1)
  • hi choco

    I wish u a happy healthy pregnancy and a beautiful healthy baby image

    Anything would help image

    If i do get y AF this cycle, I guess i will try the pre-seed or zestica
  • i had a cbfm too, got my bfp 2nd month using it and the first month using preseed - unfortunately was a chem pregnancy.
    then got my bfp a month later using both again xxx
  • We BD'd in the morning rather than evening and did the whole 'pilllow under the butt thing' image
  • Hey hun, I was lucky enough to get my BFP the 1st month after 15 years on the pill. I was deternined to stay relaxed and not track for at least 3 months. Didnt tell OH when I thought it was the "right" time, we just BD's pretty much every 2 days, sometimes every 3 days. We BD's mainly in the morning but just because we both prefer that and I stuck a pillow under my bum and lay still with my legs in the air for 10 - 20 mins after - very elegant lol!! I think the most important thing is to relax and not put yourself under too much pressure, easier said than done, I know. Hopes this helps, good luck and I hope you get your BFP very soon
  • Autumn: I hv never tried putting my legs up bcoz I didnt want DH to make fun of me or sometimes we would be standing up (sorry TMI) and it would be too late to lay down.

    But this cycle no standing and LEGS all the way UP :P image
  • i think all we did was not TTC lol, we were being referred for treatment, and i lost 4 stone for it, and as i have pcos and don't ovulate we didn't 'try' and just had sex. then i started feeling sick and took a test when i was about 6 weeks preg


    Issy xx
  • only bd about 3 times in the fertile week I got pregnant, raised legs afterwards and tried to chill out that month. Little to no alcohol and healthy lifestyle. Oh and ov tests as well. Good luck x
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