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Old blood?

Does anyone get brown spotting 3/4 days before their period?

I have had 2 natural bleeds since coming off the pill at the beginning of March and although I didnt get it before the first bleed (but then I didnt really worry too much about what happened that month as after 9 years on the pill I was just happy to get a period at the normal time) I did get it last month and im due on in 2 days and im getting it again.

It started a day later than last month but the same as last month I had a tiny bit of pinky red blood followed by brown spotting. It never ends up in my knickers, just when I wipe. The rest of my cycle is text book - 28 days, OV around day 14/15 as get the pains and the correct cm leading up to it and around those 2 days get ewcm.

I guess what I want to know is....

Why do I get it? Does it mean something bad fertility wise? Do others get it? And has anyone had it but then never actually got their period and got a bfp?


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  • Hi,

    I sound in a very similar position to you, came off the pill mid March and had 2 reg periods since, 31 and 28 days. Yes, I've had the spotting too but mine is in my knickers and quite a lot of. I've read nothing to worry about and that it's old blood from the previous bleed so hoping ok.

    Good luck anyway! xxx
  • hun it may be cycle setting down or could even be implantation, although would be unusual to get it 2 months in a row. Good luck and if you miss your AF then def test.
    Filo x
  • I thought it was implantation last month but turned out it was AF but it is a little lighter this month and a bit pinkier.

    Im trying to think negatively so im not disappointed in 2 days time and look at the reasons (other than pregnancy) why it happens. Im glad im not the only one though Em J. Ive tried looking up about it and some sites say its normal, some say it is bad and should get checked out. Its barely noticable this month but is still there all the same. Its just frustrating when everything seems text book!
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