Anyone making a new years resolution??

I am i am going to DIET image My Birth mother has Diabetes and so does my bro so i am going to diet image

What about you ladys ?? :\? ??

Was thinking make a list and it may help to keep it lol :lol: :lol: image


  • Mine is to start a ttc group in my location area... Got about 20 ladies interested already
  • Thats a Fab Idea Miss88 x
  • I am not bothering making resolutions cos I never stick to them!!
  • I want to loose some more weight, I think I lost about 8lb since August and want to loose about 10more. There is diabetes in my family and I am scared to get pg diabetes.

    Miss88 I love your idea. Will be nice for you to have people to meet frequently and to give each other a hug.

  • I have 2: first one is to diet - I have made up a "meal plan" on a 4-week rotation, so hubby and I should be able to stick to it!

    My second is to stop charting. I am getting stressed out and depressed every time AF arrives, so I promised hubby if I wasn't PG by Christmas (AF arrived on Boxing DAYimage) then I would put away my CBFM and thermometer and just enjoy each other for the last 2 and a half months before I can go and see the doctor.

    All round I think 2 healthy choices!
  • Well i have decided to exercise more and eat better - fed up of "dieting" never works.

    Also if i get fit i might have more chance of fertilizing my eggies :lol:

    I already know my resolution for 2011 just incase. If i don't get pregnant in 2010 it is time to call in the professionals in 2011!!!!

  • Hiya all,

    Well I need to lose a bit of weight not much maybe half a stone/stone I have been eating fruit n nut, mince pies, a full tub of pringles etc you name it, I nailed it ha ha!!

    4th Jan healthy eating plan, full baby plan goes full steam ahead he he as we are onto Month 2 and as much as I love you ladies I really want to move over to pregnancy he he!!

    I also need to pay off a few debts from our wedding and try and save a bit of money, I know things will be tight when we have a baby but I am willing to go through everything just to hold our baby in my arms (how soppy am i).

    That said whatever we can do now before we do conceive will put us in a much better position for when I am on maternity leave.

  • My new years resolutions are...

    Lose bloody weight - a stone would be nice and I have lost a stone over the past 6/7 months without really trying so if I put my mind to it I should be able to do that...

    Learn to drive - I've never really needed to or wanted to but now I do :\) I get the bus to town a lot with my sister and her bambino and when I have my own bundle of joy I would much rather just be able to hop in the car. Going to arrange lessons in the new year image

    Wish me luck with them :lol: They'll probably be my resolutions for next year too because I can't stick at anything!!
  • I am hoping to start sticking to the diet I have been on for the last 2 years - keep cheating myself! Also, I am going to make sure I take my dog for longer walks!
    Not too difficult so hopefully I won't be breaking them!x
  • I am going to stop trying to please everyone and please myself more. I want to get as healthy as poss so that by this time next year I might have a bubs on the way
  • Mine will be to eat healthier (she says as she is sat next to a nearly empty box of roses whilst waiting for pizza to arrive.. naughty :roll: )

    Take my crazy spotty dog for longer walks (sorry for pinching that one wisher :\) )

    Pass my driving test (3rd time lucky i hope)

    And get my money situation sorted.

    I'll not stick to any of them i'm terrible!
  • New Years Resolutions:
    1) Loose weight (same every year!)
    2) Do more exercise (again same every year!)
    3) Try and save some money (rather than keep spending it)
    4) Cut down on the amount of handbags I buy (lol)
    5) Think before I speak
    My biggest wish is to fall pregnant - I'm so ready for a little bubba and my new hubby is broody too, which is fab - he's going to make a great dad. Zx
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