+ opk followed by - confused!!!

Have been testing for a week now on first response ov tests so far they have all been -
earlier today I did my test and it was a very clear + the test line was darker pink than the control line
so dh and I bd right away!
Just did another test now and it's negative
I'm confused? Why would it be + then -
should we carry on bd and presume I am ovulating
I haven't got any cm tho?
Anyone else experienced this?
Thanks xxxx

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  • hiya, that happened to me, got - all the way up til cd22, (i started testing twice a day so i dont miss it) cd22 11am, + ....... then bd'd lol. then tested 7pm. and -. some peoples surges last less time than others (my plus was on a sunday) so i classed ov as monday (24 hours after +) also had no cm, i dont get very much so its hard to judge with cm. so dont worry ur not alone, make sure u bd tomoro and the next day too just in case image im glad u wrote this post coz i had the same and this is my first month of opks. and i was wondering about it too. so at least its not just me lol xxx
  • Your LH only rises right before you ov and then you ov within 12-36 hours of the LH rise (which is what the opk is picking up) and then it drops again. I would say you may have caught the hormone its on the way down so you probably peaked sometime between yesterday when you tested and today and so you should ov sometime in the next day I would think! Good luck.x

    I usually only get 2 days of +ve opk's but I always test in the afternoon as that is when you are supposed to test for LH, so I probably catch mine on the way up and on the way down from the rise - hope that makes sense!
  • Yeah I was thinking I might of just caught the surge, it was about 1pm when I tested. It was definately a + as all week the test line has been barely vidable and this one was very dark pink.
    It surprised me as I had it worked out I wouldn't ovulate until next weekend! So glad I decided to test this month otherwise I'd of missed it again!
    Yeah gonna bd later once dd has gone to bed!
    Tomorrow and Tuesday and I think Wednesday just for good luck lol
    ooooo fingers crossed!
  • lol mrs waggy good luck, hope it does the trick1 and thanks for helping too baby on board xxxx
  • Thanks for the replies! I feel better knowing that it definately was a + I've just fished it out the bin to double check!!
    So bd it is then!!!
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