Some Help PLease

Hi Ladies,

I need your advice please. Im nearly a week late for af and have taken several hpts which came out - except yesterday when I took one I got a very faint +. I took one again this morning and again it was a very faint +. I had a tiny bit of spotting before so now I dont know what to think. Anyone any ideas? Thanks x


  • Hi,

    Congratulations a positive is a positive -it does sometime take a while until the tests can pick up the hcg. I have heard lots of people getting spotting/bleeding early on I would give it a few more days and then test again. Fingers crossed its a sticky one.


  • I really hope so too. The only thing I cant work out is why it has taken until nearly a week past af to show any sign of a positive. Unless I didnt ov when I thought I had? Heres hoping. Thanks x
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