TMI - Do any of you track cervix position ? ???

I'm just wondering if you do what your cervix position is through each portion of your cycle ?

Mine i'm reliably informed by the midwives and smear nurse sits at an odd angle and "pointing upwards" whatever that means (apparently thats one of the reasons I struggled to push out my dd) ?? Anywho, i read that in early pregnancy your cervix should be high and soft, now i usually recognise mine when its low and hard as I always think it feels like a nose but today i'm sure its higher and softer ??

TMI WARNING !!! image image image image image image image image

It took my whole middle finger up there to get the tip of my finger to touch it and for want of a better phrase it felt kinda squishy :lol:

Do you think this sounds promising ??

I know I know i'm obsessing and driving myself mad googling every possible early pregnancy sign there is but i'm cd29, 9dpo and another bfn this morning. I'm hanging onto hope its just still too early and as my spotting is still coming and going and not heading to an af full flow that i may have done it !


  • hi lambchop, i dont really know about this as a sign but hope it is good news for you! I have tried to find my cervix before and couldnt! Any tips?//! I have been told it is at a funny angle at smear tests before xx
  • Hi samsa,

    I normally sit on the loo with my legs as wide as poss and then with a clean finger and short nails just pop a finger inside like your pushing up a tampton. I normally find it just before my af at which time it feels like the tip of a nose, quite hard and quite low. You can also try standing with one foot on the edge of the bath. The more you try the more you'll begin to find the cervix.
  • thanks, ii think i wiill just have to try at other times in my cycle then! Hope you get your good news soon x
  • i dont do it but since ive been here a while there have been a few other who have

    you do have to keep a proper track of it tho and you cant just do it at random times in the day,it has to be the same time etc as throughout the day it changes all the time supposedly

    there's a website called my beautiful cervix where a training midwife i think took pictures,not for the faint hearted and dont eat before you look at it lol its pics you dont want to see but cant help it if that makes sense lol
  • Hey *Lampchop*

    I do follow my cp, even though its all over the internet that we shouldnt rely on it. Mainly they were saying that some people's cervix might not change till later on in the early pregnancy, therefore being a poor indication.

    Im in the same boat as you, Im 11 DPO and my cervix is high soft and closed, 1st time ive felt it closed properly. Getting tonnes of watery/creamy CM.

    Fingers crossed for us image


  • I used to track my cp when we were trying for our ds and it definitely takes awhile to recognise the different stages!

    The website grudie has suggested is good too, very graphic!!

    Samsa I used to check mine in the shower, in a squatting position!

    Fingers crossed for you lampchop, its all looking positive!

    ps I got a BFN yesterday too and cried my eyes out. Fully expecting AF on thurs now x
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