E bay ov tests

have been looking at the ov tests on e bay and there is a shop selling 10 ov tests and 5 pg tests for ??2.49. Just wondering if anyone has tried these? Seems a very good deal!


  • hi i bought some ov tests off ebay a few wks back and have used them this wk and they have worked plus u will b having a better deal than me i paid ??5.80 for 15 ov tests and 10 pg tests
  • i used fertility friend from ebay think i paid 2.99 for 25 (but cant remember sorry). they do work got bfp beginning of april.

    good luck and baby dust to you
  • I think thats whos selling these ones. Im going to get some and see. Thank you. x
  • I have used fertility friend too - 10PG tests for 99p!! they do alot of different deals so check what the best for you is!! I wasn't sure if they worked or not as have had BFN so far - but if the OV tests work it looks good!! thanks for the encouragement kar1234
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