when can you test??

I was just wondering how soon after OVing you can test? I know it is best to wait until you are due, but I'm not sure when it is because I wasn't really counting before we started ttc.

It was only 1 week ago I OV'd (although annoyingly it feels like a lot longer), so I was thinking I'd probably have to wait another week or so. Is that right? or is it longer??


ally x


  • i tested too early, booohooo and got a bfn. But i am not surprised. I was convinced i was pregnant, i have the weekend to have my AF and then i am testing again.

    Should really wait till AF is due, even the early detector ones are only like 50% right that early, so keep waiting xx
  • The earliest is about 12/13dpo but you could still get a false negative so it really is best to try and wait until you are due xx
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