23/24 day cylcle

Hi everyone.

I had my merina coil removed in april and since then have had 23/24 day cycles. Is having such a short cycle normal? I ovulate pratically straight after af has finished, and I was wondering if this is normal too.

Any advice would be appreciated. :\?


  • hi i also hav a 24 day cycle n fingers x'd af wnt show on monday so here's BABYDUST for all us 24dayer's xxxx
  • Thanks MrsAmanda and kaz266.

    glad i'm not the only one who has a short cycle.

    Hope we get our BPF's soon and that our short cycle doesn't make it harder for us.

    Lots of babydust to you both x
  • If you want to make them longer have some of mine - they are anywhere between 40 and 48 days :lol:

    I am sure you are fine at 24 days, it is a short luteal phase that can be an issue rather than short cycle, and if you are oving near enough around when af finishes it sounds like a normal length luteal phase. xx
  • I am also a shortie! image I came off the pill in march and since then my cycles are 25 days and very short! This month was 3 days and 2 of those was very light brown not red as such. I feel like I don't have a proper af! Have been on and off the pill since I was 18 (now 32) and went on dianette last year.
    Am so glad that you guys are the same, I've been feeling really weird about it. Thanks x
  • Ps. Ariah67 how do you know that you are ov straight away after af? Sorry, am just new to all this. Me and dh have only been ttc a couple of months but maybe I am ov straight after af and missing peak time!?
    Actually, you saying that I have had a pain in my right side today by ovary (had slight spotting today, end of af) so maybe I am ov today? Is that possible? I am very confused now too....:\?
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