CBFM which cd should i set it to???

Can you girlies help?
I used my cbfm last month for the first month. I started af today at around 10.30am - so tomorrow morning when i set the monitor, should i set it to cd1 or cd2? The instructions say "if your period starts after your m button setting time you should wait until the following morning before pressing the ..button. you should set it as cd1".

This confused me as i started af today at around 10.30am. So if i pressed the m button at 8am tomorrow, to give me a window of 3 hours before and after, would i need it so read cd1 or cd2?

Anyone any ideas?


  • hello

    if i remember rightly

    if you start af during the night when you get up you set it to day 1, if it starts during the day, the following day is classed at day 1
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