no period and 3 negative tests

Hello, I have a 7 month old and me n my partner wanted to try for a new baby so we stopped using contraception for over a whole month and now my period is late 14 days. But I have had 3 negative home pregnancy tests.

Does anyone know what this means?



  • Have you always had regular periods? Seems strange if you do. Have you used good quality pregnancy tests?

    I must admit, my body seems to have done strange things since I started ttc. My cycles have always been 28 days pretty much on the dot but since ttc they have varied form 24 to 30 days.
  • I have regular periods, ive been feelin naseaus tired more, more cervical discharge and one time i got spotting for one day very short
  • I leanne
    I know just how you feel - we can be same boat twins if you like!
    Im on CD 44 now of a usualy 31/31 day cycle and I also have no AF and no BFP!
    I went to the doctors this week and she has sent a sample off for testing.
    FINGERS CROSSED - I will get the results tomorrow.
    What you gonna do?

  • Let me know what happens about the results!! I dont know I'm thinking to wait til me next period due
    If i get nothing i do another test then whether negative or positive i'll go to doctors

    let me know of your results!:\)
  • I really hope they come in tomorrow, I dont think I will be able to wait untill monday. Its done my head in sooo much!
    I dont know what to think, as im sure you ont, but when your TTC and you get no AF, and you have been regular up untill that point, what else you supposed to think?
    Its so confusing!
    I will be on here posting as soon as i get my results.
    Im trying not to get my hopes up, but its so hard.
    This would be our first child, ive never been pg before and im so ready for it.

    Sorry, pouring my thoughts out yet again on here!
  • What contraception were you on? If you have come off the pill that could be what's happening as it messes your body up?
  • I was on pill for one month and straight away stopped when i finished the whole packet and for the next whole month i TTC and now my period is two weeks late.

    I feel quite sick this morning very much.
  • Hi Leanne As you were only on the pill for a month, hopefully it will get out of your system pretty quickly. You may have to wait for your cycles to settle a bit though. xx
  • Yes its true, all 'strange' things start happening once you ttc.. image
    its like your body start givin you an attitude.. :roll:
    Hope in some strange way yo do get your bfp.
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