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Completely O/T - night storage heating

Sorry this has nothing to do with babies and can't see an O/T section!

We are moving house in a couple of weeks and the house is perfect except the village it's in is not connected to gas mains. This means the house is heated by electric night storage heaters.

I have never had these before so any tips/advice etc would be great. My understanding is that they heat up overnight on a cheap electricity rate and released heat in the day depending on how much you set the 'output' to. So if you have them on max they let out lots of heat but quickly run out and then you've lost your heating for the day (unless you 'boost' which I guess is very expensive).

How effective are they? What's the best way to use them? How expensive are they really?

Each heater has it's own power switch so I guess the rooms we don't use much can be totally switched off which would save on cash.

Even though a cold house is not ideal, I know we will get used to being cold. When I was a child we lived in a listed building which had no heating what so ever and although it was horrible at first we soon adapted and just wrapped up really warm! I love snuggling under a big fleecy blanket and duvet anyway and I'd much rather be too cold than too hot!

Any info welcome image


  • are u uk based?
  • yep - sorry should have mentioned that!
  • ai would phone the company you will be using for electricity when we moved into our house they were great with advice and explained the best way to use our heating etc. they are all going eco now too which is a great help as they will advise you on the most energy and cost efficient way to use your heating supply (whatever means it is) i work in insurance and we always advise this when it comes to people using alternative methods than the normal boiler/heaters etc, hope this helps.
  • I had this. It's called economy 7 heating I think. It was useless. There was barely any heat in the morning and certainly nothing after a couple of hours. It didn't seem to warm any part of the house up whatsoever and it's only a 2 bedroomed terraced house. Even though it was on a cheaper rate at night, it still cost a fortune. It really didn't make any difference to the house , just our electric bill. Our house is freezing and damp and I blame it all on not having central heating. We can't afford to have it installed either and I'm worrying about the winter already. It was so cold last year, to the point where we moved to my parents for a while. I would never again buy a house without a good heating system! Not sure if this helps but just my experience of it. The system in the house you're looking at might be a lot better but I would say make sure before you buy it.
  • we lived in a 1 bed flat ( was small) and we had storage heating xxx only in the frontroom and bedroom and i have to say it was bloody expensive!!!! we both worked full time so were only in the flat the evening and our bill was over ??300!!! we used to let it heat over night and then it let the heat out during the day so the flat was always warm x only used it during the winter and we moved when we had belle as we were worried about her being cold etc xx we had her in the summer and moved during the winter to my dads house xx
  • Thanks for the replies girls. Now I'm really concerned. Demelza: Was the ??300 a month or quarter?!

    The house has a log-burning fire which I guess will help a bit but it's a 3-bed so quite large.

    Oh bloody hell ... panicking now we've made a bad decision. Well at least we're renting so we can move in 6 months if it's terrible. Mind, that will be after the winter!

    The whole point of moving is to get more space for a LO in the future and now I feel terrible that it's going to be too cold for them image( But surely people cope all over the UK in houses like this?!

    Thanks for the truthful replies though x
  • Hallo.
     I've bought a 1000w oil filled radiator. I've had it on very low for the last couple of nights, so now baby's room is not cold but not hot! Perfect! Thanks for Advice...

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