Anyone over 35 and ttc #1? 8\)

Just wondering who else on here is over 35 and ttc their first baby?

So here is just a little history about me:
(I'm not looking for any sympathy just thought I'd like to share this as I'm getting to know you ladies a little more each day)

Back in early dec dh and I found out to our surprise we were pg after being told we would not be able to conceive on our own - docs can be wrong! After getting our heads around our little surprise, I had a MMC on Jan 21st. I went for my 11 week check after being for US's at 6 and 8 week and all was looking great with a strong heart beat both times and no bleeding at all. I went to the doc on my own on the 21st and was devastated when they couldn't find a heartbeat. I of course didn't expect it, although strangely, I had said to my husband the night before that -I didn't feel very pregnant anymore', I just assumed it was due to the end of the first trimester coming....

My doc was very lovely and supportive and booked me in for a D&C the following Monday. I was horrified at first that I had to wait but was very glad for the time to say goodbye to my bean. I'm now hoping that the first time wasn't a complete fluke and that dh and I can make another miracle. We had adjusted our lives to being just to two of us and so it seems strange now that we are doing this, but would love another go at this and in fact I struggle each day that I am not pg anymore and constantly think about having a l/o join our lives. I'm not a religious person but I do think this was a little poke from God to get us to try for, and open our lives to, a l/o.

I do worry that my age is a factor, I'm 37 - it happened once though and the doctor didn't think it was anything to do with my age, but really who knows. dh is off to the docs this week to talk with them about his problems as the issues were mainly on his side as far as us ttc, although I had also been told I may have some problems. Let's all just believe that miracles can and do happen - I think I have to.

Baby dust to all - save some sticky stuff for me. Good luck girls, especially those who are in the OAP group image


  • Hi BOB (Sophia) I am only 30 going on 31 but I do understand how you feel, I feel we may have conceived earlier if we had tried in late 20's but dont give up hope, it will happen for you and when it does you will be an amazing mummy.

  • I am 31 and like you had a mc earlier this year, we were only trying for 3 months when we feel pg and were over the moon, shortlived as it was....

    I worry about my age alot but look at the amount of famous people having babies in late 30's, so, so many.

    Our sticky bean is not far away hun, I know it!

    Sending you babydust xxx
  • Thanks SD and MrsH. I do think that too, about all the celebs popping them out in their lates 30's, however I also know they sneak off to fertility clinics! OK I may not 'know, know' but I'm fairly sure some of them do ;\)

    Well I am feeling positive generally as it happened the once like I said but I just have these niggles in the back of my mind that it might not happen again esp. with dh's probs.

    It's just nice to know I'm not the only OAP on here who doesn't already have any l/o's. :\)
  • I'm mid 30s and ttc number 2 (so far proving elusive and think cycles are doing something odd now).
    Just wishing you luck x x
  • Just wanted to say that if it happened once it can happen again! My DH's cousin had cancer as a teenager and was told she'd never have kids - she's now expected her THIRD miracle! Yes, miracles happen everyday so keep the PMA, I'm rooting for you....

    BTW, I'm 36 and ttc #2... #1 happened right away and this time, much longer but I had a m/c earlier this month at just 5 weeks. In a strange sort of way, the m/c has given me hope that I can get pregnant again and all this fear of secondary infertility is foolish and in my head...

    I think us ladies of "advanced maternal age" (don't you hate that term, I sound like a granny) do have our age as a disadvantage but it can and does happen everyday.

    Praying for you that you get a BFP soon!
  • Hi, I'm 36 and ttc #2. We got pregnant with our first in the second month of trying and we are in our sixth cycle of ttc #2 so getting pregnant seems to be a bit more tricky this time around.

    A friend of a friend was told that her four fibroids would mean that she would find it difficult to conceive but she proved the doctors wrong three times. My sister's friend who suffered from endometriosis was trying for a long while to get pregnant and kept putting things on hold in case it happened. Then, one day she decided to stop trying and to give up her job to start her own business [one of the things she'd been putting off]. Within a couple of months, she was pregnant [she was 37 at the time]. Now, she has a three year old and a thriving business.

    These things do happen.

    Sending you lots of babydust!
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