Does it get any easier?

Hiya Kyla

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  • Hi girls

    I'm new to this site, so I hope you don't mind me venting.

    DH and myself married in March, and since then we've been ttc like crazed mad people. I have a child from a previous relationship (aged 7, the light of my life), and he was a complete surprise (his Dad told me he was sterile from cancer drugs - turns out they'd got that slightly wrong! although I wouldn't change my boy for the world)

    Now dh and I are actively trying, I'm finding it so frustrating. I know there are people on this site who have been ttc much longer than us, and are still trying, my question is, does it get any easier? Why did i find it so inexplicably easy to get pg to a "sterile" man, and now when I want to get pg, I can't?

    I really thought that this month would be the one for us. We have bd'd more than ever, and we've used the ov kits too, so we know we're doing it at the optimum time.

    My (.)(.) have been really sore, and my complexion has changed (I look bloody awful) , and I just feel so crap - I was really hoping that these were signs.

    Anyway, I did one of those first response early tester kits this morning (AF due friday) and it was negative. The body is so cruel - I really thought that we'd done it cos I felt so bad. I know our bodies can play tricks on us when there's something we really want - but that's just mother nature being a bitch!

    The 2ww was agonising enough, but the BFN this morning was devastating.

    Does it get better?

  • It could just be too early. I have never got a +ve on a hpt til 4 days after af was due, even on the early ones, so dont give up hope just yet.

    Good luck & sending lots of babydust your direction xx
  • Thank you - I appreciate it. The more babydust the better eh!

    I heard those early tests were really good though - is that wrong? Ooh, I'm getting my hopes up again, that's not good

  • Hi poppygirl, no words of wisdom, I'm afraid. Most of us know exactly how you are feeling cos we've all been through it. As Hilary said, I would wait a while til you do another test. Other than that, I think you'll find this site useful. I can't say it gets easier as time goes on (we've been ttc for twelve months now!) but the support from people on here makes the wait more bearable.

    You'll get there!!!


  • I'm not saying theyre not good just that they arent always 100% accurate for everyone. Most of them tell you on the packaging that they are something like 60% accurate 4 days early & then a bit more accurate 3 days early & so on. Dont give up hope just yet. Its a horrible feeling seeing a bfn though isnt it
  • Its horrid getting that BFN hunny, i had one this week, it does get easier, and then its hard again i think. Its the kinda thing thats going to play hell with you emotions but we're all here to talk to which i find a huge help. Maybe its just early and you'll get the bfp if you test again in a few days xxx
  • I think it does get easier in a way, well it has for me. We started trying in october/november and by christmas I was completely down in the dumps and feeling sorry for myself. But now Im better, were in month 7 and I have more PMA than ever! Even WHEN af arrives ths month I will be happy and just get on with month 8. Ive realised that I will one day get my BFP even if its next year and when that day comes im going to be soooo excited and overjoyed!!!
    It will happen for you one day hun, good luck x x x
  • Hi poppygirl

    unfortunatley it doesnt get any easier as the girls say its not over till the ugly witch rears her head.

    Dont get to disheartened you go pregnant before and you will again unfortulately when you want something so badly it takes longer!

    goodluck jen xx
  • Thanks girls. It's good to hear from people in the same position. My dh is good to talk to, but I don't think he really appreciates how agonising it is - i think he's just happy to be bd all the time (i'm sure that'll wear off too!)
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